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02/22/20 to 02/23/20
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Medicare data are useful for understanding the cost and use of healthcare, but they are also...

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Understanding the origin, structure and contents of the Medicare Part D data is essential to...

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Claims for a Medicare beneficiary enrolled in Medicare Advantage (also known as “Part C”) are...

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Medicaid administrative data are useful for documenting and understanding variation in Medicaid...

What others say

"This was equivalent to most commercially available non-health seminars I have attended which usually retail at $2,000 - $3,000. Outstanding value and organization."

Elizabeth S., Medical College of Wisconsin
Attended Introduction to the Use of Medicare Part D Data for Research

"Very helpful in understanding the whole Medicare system. There seems to be a wealth of opportunities for future research."

Margriet F., Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Attended Introduction to the Use of Medicare Data for Research

"Thank you. This has been extremely helpful and will save us many headaches for our current study. The presenters were wonderful and the information was invaluable!"

Carin S., Mayo Clinic
Attended Introduction to the Use of Medicare Data for Research