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For most files, a table of variables will display below, with links to the variable definitions. If no table displays, or if you need additional information for a specific variable, please see the CCW website. Data documentation is available for all files and codebooks for many.

If you are unable to locate the information you need, please contact ResDAC.

Base Claim File

SAS NameVariable Name
1BENE_IDEncrypted CCW Beneficiary Identifier
2MSIS_IDEncrypted State Assigned Beneficiary Unique Identifier
3STATE_CDSubmitting State Alpha Abbreviation
4SUBMTG_STATE_CDSubmitting State FIPS Code
5CLM_IDCCW Claim Identifier
6CLM_NUM_ORIGOriginal Claim Identifier
7CLM_NUM_ADJAdjustment Claim Identifier
8CLM_TYPE_CDClaim Type Code (TAF)
9BILL_TYPE_CDBill Type Code
10CROSSOVER_CLM_INDCode To Indicate if a Portion of Claim is Paid by Medicare
11ADJUST_CDClaim Adjustment Code
12ADJUST_RSN_CDAdjustment Reason Code
13ADJDCTN_DTAdjudication Date
14MDCD_PD_DTMedicaid Paid Date
15SPLIT_CLM_INDSplit Claim Indicator
16CLL_CNTClaim Line Count - Original
17CLL_CNT_CALCClaim Line Count - Calculated
18SRVC_TRKNG_TYPE_CDService Tracking Type Code
19BIRTH_DTDate of Birth
20PTNT_DSCHRG_STUS_CDPatient Status at Ending Date of Service
21PGM_TYPE_CDProgram Type Code
22MC_PLAN_IDManaged Care Plan Identification Number
23WVR_TYPE_CDWaiver Type Code
24WVR_IDWaiver Identification Number
25OTHR_INSRNC_INDIndicator Insured is Covered by Another Plan (Not Medicare or Medicaid)
26SECT_1115A_DEMO_IND1115(A) Demonstration Participation Indicator
27SRVC_BGN_DTClaim Beginning Date of Service
28SRVC_END_DTClaim Ending Date of Service
29SRVC_END_DT_CDIdentifies the Date Field Used to Populate SRVC_END_DT
30ADMSM_DTAdmission Date (TAF)
31ADMSN_HRAdmission Hour
32DSCHRG_DTDischarge Date
33DSCHRG_HRDischarge Hour
34ADMTG_DGNS_CDAdmitting Diagnosis Code
35ADMTG_DGNS_VRSN_CD Admitting Diagnosis Version Code (ICD-9 or ICD-10)
36DGNS_CD_1Primary or Principal Diagnosis Code
37DGNS_VRSN_CD_1Diagnosis Version Code 1 (ICD-9 or ICD-10)
38DGNS_POA_IND_1Diagnosis Present on Admission Indicator 1
39DGNS_CD_2Diagnosis Code 2
40DGNS_VRSN_CD_2Diagnosis Version Code 2 (ICD-9 or ICD-10)
41DGNS_POA_IND_2Diagnosis Present on Admission Indicator 2
42DGNS_CD_3Diagnosis Code 3
43DGNS_VRSN_CD_3Diagnosis Version Code 3 (ICD-9 or ICD-10)
44DGNS_POA_IND_3Diagnosis Present on Admission Indicator 3
45DGNS_CD_4Diagnosis Code 4
46DGNS_VRSN_CD_4Diagnosis Version Code 4 (ICD-9 or ICD-10)
47DGNS_POA_IND_4Diagnosis Present on Admission Indicator 4
48DGNS_CD_5Diagnosis Code 5
49DGNS_VRSN_CD_5Diagnosis Version Code 5 (ICD-9 or ICD-10)
50DGNS_POA_IND_5Diagnosis Present on Admission Indicator 5
51HAC_INDHealth Care Acquired Condition (HAC) Indicator
52IP_MH_DGNS_INDMental Health Diagnosis Indicator
53IP_SUD_DGNS_INDSubstance Use Disorder Diagnosis Indicator
54ADMTG_PRVDR_IDAdmitting Provider Identification Number
55ADMTG_PRVDR_NPIAdmitting Provider NPI
56ADMTG_PRVDR_TXNMY_CDAdmitting Provider Taxonomy Code
57ADMTG_PRVDR_TYPE_CDAdmitting Provider Type Code
58ADMTG_PRVDR_SPCLTY_CDAdmitting Provider Specialty Code
59BLG_PRVDR_IDBilling Provider Identification Number (TAF)
60BLG_PRVDR_NPIBilling Provider NPI
61BLG_PRVDR_TXNMY_CDBilling Provider Taxonomy Code
62BLG_PRVDR_TYPE_CDBilling Provider Type Code
63BLG_PRVDR_SPCLTY_CDBilling Provider Specialty Code
64RFRG_PRVDR_IDReferring Provider Identification Number
65RFRG_PRVDR_NPIReferring Provider NPI
66RFRG_PRVDR_TYPE_CDReferring Provider Type Code
67RFRG_PRVDR_SPCLTY_CDReferring Provider Specialty Code
68PRVDR_LCTN_CDProvider Location Code
69BRDR_STATE_INDBorder State Indicator
70IP_MH_TXNMY_INDMental Health Provider Taxonomy Indicator
71IP_SUD_TXNMY_INDSubstance Use Disorder Provider Taxonomy Indicator
72NCVRD_DAYSMedicaid Non-covered Days Count
73CVRD_DAYS_ICF_IIDCount of Medicaid Covered Days in ICF for Patients with Intellectual Disability
74CVRD_DAYS_NFCount of Medicaid Covered Days in a Nursing Facility
75CVRD_DAYS_IP_PSYCHCount of Medicaid Covered Days in an Inpatient Psychiatric Facility (IPF)
76CVRD_DAYS_IP_PSYCH_OVER_65Count of Medicaid Covered Days in an IPF (Beneficiary Over 65 Years)
77CVRD_DAYS_IP_PSYCH_UNDER_21Count of Medicaid Covered Days in an IPF (Beneficiary Under 21 Years)
78LEAVE_DAYSCount of Days During Medicaid Coverage Period Patient was not Residing in LTC
79FIXD_PYMT_INDFixed Payment Indicator
80SRVC_TRKNG_PYMT_AMTService Tracking Payment Amount
81PYMT_LVL_INDPayment Level Indicator - Header or Line
82BILLED_AMTTotal Claim Billed Amount
83NCVRD_CHRG_AMTNon-covered Charges Amount
84MDCD_ALOWD_AMTTotal Medicaid Allowed Amount
85MDCD_PD_AMTTotal Amount Paid By Medicaid
86DAILY_RATEDaily Rate that a Policy will Pay for a Covered Service
87MDCD_ACMDTN_PD_AMTMedicaid Amount Paid for All Accommodation (Room and Board) Revenue Lines
88MDCD_ANCLRY_PD_AMTMedicaid Amount Paid for All Ancillary (Non-Room & Board) Revenue Lines
89MDCR_PD_AMTMedicare Paid Amount
90MDCR_DDCTBL_PD_AMTTotal Medicare Deductible Amount
91MDCR_COINSRNC_PD_AMTTotal Medicare Coinsurance Amount
92MDCR_CMBND_DDCTBL_INDMedicare Combined Deductible and Coinsurance Indicator
93MDCR_REIMBRSMT_TYPE_CDMedicare Reimbursement Type Code
94BENE_LIABILITY_AMTTotal Beneficiary Long-Term Care Liability Amount
95COINSRNC_AMTBeneficiary Coinsurance Amount
96COPAY_AMTBeneficiary Copayment Amount
97DDCTBL_AMTBeneficiary Deductible Amount
98COPAY_WVD_INDIndicator Signifying Copay was Waived by Provider
99TP_PD_AMTTotal Third Party Liability Paid Amount
100TP_COINSRNC_PD_AMTThird Party Coinsurance Paid Amount
101TP_COPAY_PD_AMTThird Party Copayment Paid Amount
102OTHR_INSRNC_PD_AMTTotal Other Than Medicare or Medicaid -Insurance Paid Amount
103OTHR_TP_CLCTN_CDOther Third Party Collection Code
104FUNDNG_CDCode To Indicate Source of Non-Federal Funding
105FUNDNG_SRC_NON_FED_SHR_CDFunding Source Non-Federal Share Code
106DA_RUN_IDTAF Production Run Identifier (unique for each TAF run)
107TMSIS_RUN_IDTMSIS State Data Processing Run Identifier
108LT_VRSNLong-Term Version Representing the Iteration of the File
109LT_FIL_DTLong-Term File Date - Represents the Year and Month of the Reporting Period
110CCW_LD_DTCCW Load Date (Claims)

Occurrence Code File

SAS NameVariable Name
111BENE_IDEncrypted CCW Beneficiary Identifier
112MSIS_IDEncrypted State Assigned Beneficiary Unique Identifier
113STATE_CDSubmitting State Alpha Abbreviation
114SUBMTG_STATE_CDSubmitting State FIPS Code
115CLM_IDCCW Claim Identifier
116OCRNC_CD_SEQ  Occurrence Code Sequence
117OCRNC_CDOccurrence Code
118OCRNC_CD_START_DTOccurrence Code Start Date
119OCRNC_CD_END_DTOccurrence Code End Date


SAS NameVariable Name
120BENE_IDEncrypted CCW Beneficiary Identifier
121MSIS_IDEncrypted State Assigned Beneficiary Unique Identifier
122STATE_CDSubmitting State Alpha Abbreviation
123SUBMTG_STATE_CDSubmitting State FIPS Code
124CLM_IDCCW Claim Identifier
125LINE_NUMSequential Claim Line Number
126CLM_NUM_ORIGOriginal Claim Identifier
127LINE_NUM_ORIGOriginal Claim Line Number (TAF)
128CLM_NUM_ADJAdjustment Claim Identifier
129LINE_NUM_ADJAdjustment Claim Line Number
130ADJDCTN_DTAdjudication Date
131LINE_CLAIM_STUS_CDClaim Line Status Code
132LINE_ADJUST_CDClaim Line Adjustment Code
133LINE_SRVC_BGN_DTClaim Line Beginning Date of Service
134LINE_SRVC_END_DTClaim Line Ending Date of Service
135BNFT_TYPE_CDBenefit Type Code
136TOS_CDType of Service Code
137XIX_SRVC_CTGRY_CDCMS-64 Form Category of Service for the Paid Claim
138XXI_SRVC_CTGRY_CDCMS-21 Form Category of Service for the Paid Claim
139CMS_64_FED_CTGRY_CDCMS-64 Form Code for Federal Reimbursement
140REV_CNTR_CDRevenue Center Code (TAF)
141ACTL_SRVC_QTYActual Service Quantity
142ALOWD_SRVC_QTYMaximum Allowed Service Quantity
143BLG_UOM_CDService Billing Unit of Measure Code
144NDCNational Drug Code
145NDC_UOM_CDNDC Unit of Measure Code
146NDC_QTYNDC Quantity Dispensed
147IMNZTN_TYPE_CDImmunization Type Code
148PRVDR_FAC_TYPE_CDProvider Facility Type Code
149SRVC_PRVDR_IDServicing Provider Identification Number (TAF)
150SRVC_PRVDR_NPIServicing Provider NPI
151SRVC_PRVDR_TXNMY_CDServicing Provider Taxonomy Code
152SRVC_PRVDR_TYPE_CDServicing Provider Type Code
153SRVC_PRVDR_SPCLTY_CDServicing Provider Specialty Code (TAF)
154REV_CNTR_CHRG_AMTRevenue Center Charge Amount
155LINE_MDCD_ALOWD_AMTLine Medicaid Allowed Amount
156LINE_MDCD_PD_AMTLine Medicaid Paid Amount
157LINE_MDCD_FFS_EQUIV_AMTLine Medicaid Fee For Service Equivalent Amount
158LINE_TP_PD_AMTLine Third Party Liability Paid Amount
159LINE_OTHR_INSRNC_PD_AMTLine Other Than Medicare or Medicaid -Insurance Paid Amount
160LT_ACCMDTN_HCPCS_RATELong-Term Care Accommodation Rate
161DA_RUN_IDTAF Production Run Identifier (unique for each TAF run)
162TMSIS_RUN_IDTMSIS State Data Processing Run Identifier