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The data documentation table below is for OASIS version C, for assessments completed beginning in 2010. OASIS assessments completed prior to 2010 will be in version B. Documentation is available on the CCW web site.

SAS NameVariable Name
1BENE_IDEncrypted 723 Beneficiary ID
2ASMT_IDEncrypted Assessment ID
3AST_BEG_VER_DTAssessment Beginning Version Date
4AST_END_VER_DTAssessment Correction Version Date
5ASMT_EFF_DATEAssessment Effective Date
6AST_MOD_INDAssessment Modification Indicator
7BIRTHDATE_SUBM_INDBirthdate Submit Indicator
11CRCTN_NUMCorrection Number
12FAC_INT_IDFacility Internal ID
13HHA_ASMT_INT_IDHHA Assessment Internal ID
14HHA_SUBM_SEQ_NBRHHA Submission Sequence Number
15LOCK_DATELock Date
16MASK_VERSION_CDMasking Algorithm Version Code
17ORIG_ASMT_INT_IDOriginal Assessment Internal ID
18RES_CHG_TIMESTAMPResident Data Update Timestamp
19RES_MATCH_CRITERIAResident Matching Criteria
20SFTW_IDSoftware Vendor Tax ID
21SFT_VERSoftware Version
23ST_PREPD_DTState Prepared Date
24SUBMISSION_DATESubmission Date
27VERSION_CDVersion Code
28VCODE2Version Completed Code
29M0010_MEDICARE_ID(M0010) Agency Medicare Number
30M0012_MEDICAID_ID(M0012) Agency Medicaid Number
31M0014_BRANCH_STATE(M0014) Branch State
32M0016_BRANCH_ID(M0016) Branch Identifier Number
33M0018_PHYSICIAN_IDM0018 (M0072) Physician NPI
34M0018_PHYSICIAN_UKM0018 (M0072) Physician NPI UK
35M0030_SOC_DT(M0030) Start of Care Date
36M0032_ROC_DT_NA(M0032) Resumption of Care Date Not Applicable
37M0032_ROC_DT(M0032) Resumption of Care Date
38M0050_PAT_ST(M0050) Patient State
39M0060_PAT_ZIP(M0060) Patient ZIP Code
40M0063_MEDICARE_NA(M0063) No Medicare Number
41M0064_SSN_UK(M0064) Social Security Number Unknown
42M0065_MEDICAID_NA(M0065) No Medicaid Number
43M0066_PAT_BIRTH_DT(M0066) Patient Birth Date
44M0069_PAT_GENDER (M0069) Gender
45M0072_PHYSICIAN_UK(M0072) Physician NPI UK
46M0072_PHYSICIAN_ID(M0072) Physician NPI
47M0080_ASSR_DISCIPL(M0080) Discipline of Person Completing Assessment
48M0090_ASMT_CPLT_DT(M0090) Date Assessment Completed
49M0100_ASSMT_REASON(M0100) Assessment Reason
50M0102_PHYSN_ORDRD_SOCROC_DT M0102 Physician Ordered SOC ROC
51M0102_PHYSN_ORDRD_SOCROC_DT_NAM0102 Physician Ordered SOC ROC - NA
52M0104_PHYSN_RFRL_DTM0104 Physician Date Of Referral
53M0140_ETHNIC_AI_AN(M0140) American Indian or Alaska Native
54M0140_ETHNIC_ASIAN(M0140) Asian
55M0140_ETHNIC_BLACK(M0140) Black or African-American
56M0140_ETHNIC_HISP(M0140) Hispanic or Latino
57M0140_ETHNIC_NH_PI(M0140) Native Hawiian or Pacific Islander
58M0140_ETHNIC_UK(M0140) Unknown Race/Ethnicity
59M0140_ETHNIC_WHITE(M0140) White
60M0150_CPY_MCAIDFFS(M0150) Medicaid Fee-For-Service
61M0150_CPY_MCAIDHMO(M0150) Medicaid HMO/Managed Care
62M0150_CPY_MCAREFFS(M0150) Medicare Fee-For-Service
63M0150_CPY_MCAREHMO(M0150) Medicare HMO/Managed Care
64M0150_CPY_NONE(M0150) No Charge for Current Services
65M0150_CPY_OTH_GOVT(M0150) Other Government
66M0150_CPY_OTHER(M0150) Other Payment Source
67M0150_CPY_PRIV_HMO(M0150) Private HMO/Managed Care
68M0150_CPY_PRIV_INS(M0150) Private Insurance
69M0150_CPY_SELFPAY(M0150) Self-Pay
70M0150_CPY_TITLEPGM(M0150) Title Programs
71M0150_CPY_UK(M0150) Unknown Payment Source
72M0150_CPY_WRKCOMP(M0150) Workers Compensation
73M0160_LTD_FIN_FOOD(M0160) Limited Financial Factors - Food
74M0160_LTD_FIN_EXP(M0160) Limited Financial Factors - Medical Expenses
75M0160_LTD_FIN_SUPP(M0160) Limited Financial Factors - Medicine/Medical Supplies
76M0160_LTD_FIN_NONE(M0160) Limited Financial Factors - None
77M0160_LTD_FIN_OTHR(M0160) Limited Financial Factors - Other
78M0160_LTD_FIN_RENT(M0160) Limited Financial Factors - Rent/Utilities
79M0170_DC_HOSP_14_D(M0170) Hospital
80M0170_DC_N_HM_14_D(M0170) Nursing Home
81M0170_DC_OTHER(M0170) Other Inpatient Facility
82M0170_NONE_14_DAYS(M0170) Patient Not Discharged From Inpatient Facility
83M0170_DC_REHB_14_D(M0170) Rehabilitation Facility
84M0175_DC_HSP_14_DA(M0175) Inpatient Facility Admitted From During Past 14 Days - Hospital
85M0175_DC_NON_14_DA(M0175) Inpatient Facility Admitted From during past 14 Days - Not Discharged from an Inpatient Facility
86M0175_DC_ONH_14_DA(M0175) Inpatient Facility Admitted From during past 14 Days - Other Nursing Home
87M0175_DC_OTH_14_DA(M0175) Inpatient Facility Admitted From during past 14 Days - Other
88M0175_DC_RHB_14_DA(M0175) Inpatient Facility Admitted From during past 14 Days - Rehabilitation Facility
89M0175_DC_SNF_14_DA(M0175) Inpatient Facility Admitted From during past 14 Days - Skilled Nursing Facility
90M0180_DSCHG_UK(M0180) Inpatient Discharge Date Unknown
91M0180_INP_DSCHG_DT(M0180) Inpatient Discharge Date
92M0190_14D_INP1_ICD(M0190) Inpatient Diagnosis and ICD Code - a
93M0190_14D_INP2_ICD(M0190) Inpatient Diagnosis and ICD Code - b
94M0200_REG_CHG_14_D(M0200) Medical/Treatment Regimen Change
95M0210_CHGREG_ICD1(M0210) Medical Diagnosis and ICD Code - a
96M0210_CHGREG_ICD2(M0210) Medical Diagnosis and ICD Code - b
97M0210_CHGREG_ICD3(M0210) Medical Diagnosis and ICD Code - c
98M0210_CHGREG_ICD4(M0210) Medical Diagnosis and ICD Code - d
99M0220_PR_DISRUPT(M0220) Disruptive/Socially Inappropriate Behavior
100M0220_PR_IMP_DCSN(M0220) Impaired Decision Making
101M0220_PR_CATH(M0220) Indwelling/Suprapubic Catheter
102M0220_PR_INTR_PAIN(M0220) Intractable Pain
103M0220_PR_MEM_LOSS(M0220) Memory Loss to Extent Supervision Required
104M0220_PR_NOCHG_14D(M0220) No Inpatient Discharge and No Regimen Change
105M0220_PR_NONE(M0220) None of the Above Regimen Change
106M0220_PR_UK(M0220) Unknown Regimen Change
107M0220_PR_UR_INCON(M0220) Urinary Incontinence
108M0230_PRI_DGN_SEV(M0230) Primary Diagnosis Severity Rating - a
109M0230_PRI_DGN_ICD(M0230) Primary Diagnosis and ICD Code - a
110M0240_OTH_DGN1_SEV(M0240) Other Diagnosis Severity Rating - b
111M0240_OTH_DGN2_SEV(M0240) Other Diagnosis Severity Rating - c
112M0240_OTH_DGN3_SEV(M0240) Other Diagnosis Severity Rating - d
113M0240_OTH_DGN4_SEV(M0240) Other Diagnosis Severity Rating - e
114M0240_OTH_DGN5_SEV(M0240) Other Diagnosis Severity Rating - f
115M0240_OTH_DGN1_ICD(M0240) Other Diagnosis and ICD Code - b
116M0240_OTH_DGN2_ICD(M0240) Other Diagnosis and ICD Code - c
117M0240_OTH_DGN3_ICD(M0240) Other Diagnosis and ICD Code - d
118M0240_OTH_DGN4_ICD(M0240) Other Diagnosis and ICD Code - e
119M0240_OTH_DGN5_ICD(M0240) Other Diagnosis and ICD Code - f
120M0245_PMT_ICD2(M0245) Payment Diagnosis: First Secondary ICD
121M0245_PMT_ICD1(M0245) Payment Diagnosis: Primary ICD
122M0250_THH_ENT_NUTR(M0250) Enteral Nutrition
123M0250_THH_IV_INFUS(M0250) Intravenous or Infusion Therapy
124M0250_THH_NONE_ABV(M0250) None of the Above Therapies
125M0250_THH_PAR_NUTR(M0250) Parenteral Nutrition
126M0260_OVRALL_PROGN(M0260) Overall Prognosis
127M0270_REHAB_PROGN(M0270) Rehabilitive Prognosis
128M0280_LIFE_EXPECT(M0280) Life Expectancy
129M0290_RSK_ALCOHOL(M0290) Alcohol Dependency
130M0290_RSK_DRUGS(M0290) Drug Dependency
131M0290_RSK_SMOKING(M0290) Heavy Smoking
132M0290_RSK_NONE(M0290) None of Above High Risk Factors
133M0290_RSK_OBESITY(M0290) Obesity
134M0290_RSK_UK(M0290) Unknown High Risk Factors
135M0300_CURR_RESIDEN(M0300) Current Residence
136M0310_STR_DOORWAYS(M0310) Narrow or Obstructed Doorways
137M0310_STR_NONE(M0310) No Structural Barriers
138M0310_STR_MST_ISTR(M0310) Stairs Inside Home Must Be Used
139M0310_STR_OPT_ISTR(M0310) Stairs Inside Home Used Optionally
140M0310_STR_OUTSTAIR(M0310) Stairs Leading Inside Home
141M0320_SAF_HAZ_MAT(M0320) Improperly Stored Hazardous Materials
142M0320_SAF_COOLING(M0320) Inadequate Cooling
143M0320_SAF_FLOOR(M0320) Inadequate Floor/Roof/Windows
144M0320_SAF_HEATING(M0320) Inadequate Heating
145M0320_SAF_LIGHTING(M0320) Inadequate Lighting
146M0320_SAF_RAILINGS(M0320) Inadequate Stair Railings
147M0320_SAF_FIRE_SAF(M0320) Lack of Fire Safety Devices
148M0320_SAF_PAINT(M0320) Lead-Based Paint
149M0320_SAF_NONE(M0320) No Safety Hazards
150M0320_SAF_OTHER(M0320) Other Safety Hazards
151M0320_SAF_FLOORCOV(M0320) Unsafe Floor Coverings
152M0320_SAF_APPLIANC(M0320) Unsafe Gas/Electric Appliance
153M0330_SAN_LIVING_A(M0330) Cluttered/Soiled Living Area
154M0330_SAN_BAD_H2O(M0330) Contaminated Water
155M0330_SAN_SEW_DISP(M0330) Inadequate Sewage Disposal
156M0330_SAN_FOOD_STR(M0330) Inadequate/Improper Food Storage
157M0330_SAN_BUGS_ROD(M0330) Insects/Rodents Present
158M0330_SAN_COOK_FAC(M0330) No Cooking Facilities
159M0330_SAN_REFRIGER(M0330) No Food Refrigeration
160M0330_SAN_NO_H2O(M0330) No Running Water
161M0330_SAN_NONE(M0330) No Sanitation Hazards
162M0330_SAN_TRASH(M0330) No Scheduled Trash Pickup
163M0330_SAN_NO_TOILT(M0330) No Toileting Facilities
164M0330_SAN_OTHER(M0330) Other Sanitation Hazards
165M0330_SAN_OUT_TOIL(M0330) Outdoor Toileting Facilities Only
166M0340_LIV_ALONE(M0340) Lives Alone
167M0340_LIV_FRIEND(M0340) Lives With Friend
168M0340_LIV_OTH_FAM(M0340) Lives With Other Family Member
169M0340_LIV_OTHER(M0340) Lives With Other Than Above
170M0340_LIV_PD_HELP(M0340) Lives With Paid Help
171M0340_LIV_SPOUSE(M0340) Lives With Spouse/Significant Other
172M0350_AP_NONE(M0350) None of the Above Assisting Persons
173M0350_AP_PD_HELP(M0350) Paid Help
174M0350_AP_HM_RES(M0350) Person Residing in Home
175M0350_AP_REL_FRND(M0350) Relatives/Friends/Neighbors Living Outside Home
176M0350_AP_UK(M0350) Unknown Assisting Persons
177M0360_PRI_CAREGVR(M0360) Primary Caregiver
178M0370_FREQ_PRM_AST(M0370) Frequency Patient Receives Assistance
179M0380_CA_ADL(M0380) ADL Assistance
180M0380_CA_MEDICAL(M0380) Advocates Participation in Medical Care
181M0380_CA_ENVIRON(M0380) Environmental Support
182M0380_CA_FIN_LEGAL(M0380) Financial Agent/Power of Attorney/Conservator of Finance
183M0380_CA_HLTH_CARE(M0380) Health Care Agent/Conservator of Person/Power of Attorney
184M0380_CA_IADL(M0380) IADL Assistance
185M0380_CA_PSYCHSOC(M0380) Psychosocial Support
186M0380_CA_UK(M0380) Unknown Primary Caregiver Assistance
187M0390_VISION(M0390) Vision
188M0400_HEARING(M0400) Hearing
189M0410_SPEECH(M0410) Speech
190M0420_FREQ_PAIN(M0420) Frequency of Pain
191M0430_INTRACT_PAIN(M0430) Intractable Pain
192M0440_LES_OPEN_WND(M0440) Skin Lesion/Open Wound
193M0445_PRESS_ULCER(M0445) Pressure Ulcer
194M0450_NBR_PRU_STG1(M0450) Number Stage 1 Pressure Ulcers
195M0450_NBR_PRU_STG2(M0450) Number Stage 2 Pressure Ulcers
196M0450_NBR_PRU_STG3(M0450) Number Stage 3 Pressure Ulcers
197M0450_NBR_PRU_STG4(M0450) Number Stage 4 Pressure Ulcers
198M0450_UNOBS_PRSULC(M0450) Unobservable Pressure Ulcer
199M0460_STG_PRBL_PRU(M0460) Stage of Most Problematic Pressure Ulcer
200M0464_STA_PRBL_PRU(M0464) Status of Most Problematic Pressure Ulcer
201M0468_STASIS_ULCER(M0468) Stasis Ulcer
202M0470_NBR_STAS_ULC(M0470) Number Stasis Ulcers
203M0474_UNOBS_STAULC(M0474) Unobservable Stasis Ulcer
204M0476_STA_PRB_STAU(M0476) Status of Most Problematic Stasis Ulcer
205M0482_SURG_WOUND(M0482) Surgical Wound
206M0484_NBR_SURGWND(M0484) Number Surgical Wounds
207M0486_UNOBS_SRGWND(M0486) Unobservable Surgical Wound
208M0488_STA_PRB_SWND(M0488) Status of Most Problematic Surgical Wound
209M0490_WHEN_DYSPNIC(M0490) Patient Dyspneic/Short of Breath
210M0500_RESPTX_AIRPR(M0500) Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
211M0500_RESPTX_NONE(M0500) None of the Above Respiratory Treatments
212M0500_RESPTX_OXYGN(M0500) Oxygen
213M0500_RESPTX_VENT(M0500) Ventilator
214M0510_UTI(M0510) Urinary Tract Infection
215M0520_UR_INCONT(M0520) Urinary Incontinence
216M0530_UR_INCONT_OC(M0530) When Urinary Incontinence Occurs
217M0540_BWL_INCONT(M0540) Bowel Incontinence Frequency
218M0550_OSTOMY(M0550) Ostomy for Bowel Elimination
219M0560_COG_FUNCTION(M0560) Cognitive Functioning
220M0570_WHEN_CONFUSD(M0570) When Confused
221M0580_WHEN_ANXIOUS(M0580) When Anxious
222M0590_DP_MOOD(M0590) Depressed Mood
223M0590_DP_HOPELESS(M0590) Hopelessness
224M0590_DP_NONE(M0590) None of the Above Depressive Feelings
225M0590_DP_DEATH(M0590) Recurrent Thoughts of Death
226M0590_DP_SENS_FAIL(M0590) Sense of Failure/Self Reproach
227M0590_DP_SUICIDE(M0590) Thoughts of Suicide
228M0600_BEH_SUICIDE(M0600) A Suicide Attempt
229M0600_BEH_AGITAT(M0600) Agitation
230M0600_BEH_DIM_INT(M0600) Diminished Interest in Most Activities
231M0600_BEH_INDECIS(M0600) Indecisiveness, Lack of Concentration
232M0600_BEH_NONE(M0600) None of the Above Behaviors Observed
233M0600_BEH_APPWT_C(M0600) Recent Change in Appetite or Weight
234M0600_BEH_SLEEP_D(M0600) Sleep Disturbances
235M0610_BD_DELUSIONS(M0610) Delusional/Hallucinatory/Paranoid Behavior
236M0610_BD_SOC_INAPP(M0610) Disruptive/Infantile/Inappropriate Behavior
237M0610_BD_IMP_DCSN(M0610) Impaired Decision Making
238M0610_BD_MEM_DFICT(M0610) Memory Deficit
239M0610_BD_NONE(M0610) None of the Above Behaviors Demonstrated
240M0610_BD_PHYSICAL(M0610) Physical Aggression
241M0610_BD_VERBAL(M0610) Verbal disruption
242M0620_BEH_PROB_FRQ(M0620) Frequency of Behavior Problems
243M0630_REC_PSYCH(M0630) Psychiatric Nursing Services
244M0640_CU_GROOMING(M0640) Current Grooming
245M0640_PR_GROOMING(M0640) Prior Grooming
246M0650_CU_DRESS_UPR(M0650) Current Ability to Dress Upper Body
247M0650_PR_DRESS_UPR(M0650) Prior Ability to Dress Upper Body
248M0660_CU_DRESS_LOW(M0660) Current Ability to Dress Lower Body
249M0660_PR_DRESS_LOW(M0660) Prior Ability to Dress Lower Body
250M0670_CU_BATHING(M0670) Current Bathing
251M0670_PR_BATHING(M0670) Prior Bathing
252M0680_CU_TOILETING(M0680) Current Toileting
253M0680_PR_TOILETING(M0680) Prior Toileting
254M0690_CU_TRANSFER(M0690) Current Transferring
255M0690_PR_TRANSFER(M0690) Prior Transferring
256M0700_CU_AMBULATN(M0700) Current Ambulation/Locomotion
257M0700_PR_AMBULATN(M0700) Prior Ambulation/Locomotion
258M0710_CU_FEEDING(M0710) Current Feeding/Eating
259M0710_PR_FEEDING(M0710) Prior Feeding/Eating
260M0720_CU_PREP_MEAL(M0720) Current Preparing Light Meals
261M0720_PR_PREP_MEAL(M0720) Prior Preparing Light Meals
262M0730_CU_TRANSPORT(M0730) Current Transportation
263M0730_PR_TRANSPORT(M0730) Prior Transportation
264M0740_CU_LAUNDRY(M0740) Current Laundry
265M0740_PR_LAUNDRY(M0740) Prior Laundry
266M0750_CU_HOUSEKEEP(M0750) Current Housekeeping
267M0750_PR_HOUSEKEEP(M0750) Prior Housekeeping
268M0760_CU_SHOPPING(M0760) Current Shopping
269M0760_PR_SHOPPING(M0760) Prior Shopping
270M0770_CU_PHONE_USE(M0770) Current Ability to Use Telephone
271M0770_PR_PHONE_USE(M0770) Prior Ability to Use Telephone
272M0780_CU_ORAL_MED(M0780) Current Management of Oral Medications
273M0780_PR_ORAL_MED(M0780) Prior Management of Oral Medications
274M0790_CU_INHAL_MED(M0790) Current Management of Inhalant Medications
275M0790_PR_INHAL_MED(M0790) Prior Management of Inhalant Medications
276M0800_CU_INJCT_MED(M0800) Current Management of Injectable Medications
277M0800_PR_INJCT_MED(M0800) Prior Management of Injectable Medications
278M0810_PAT_MGMT_EQP(M0810) Patient Management of Equipment
279M0820_CG_MGMT_EQP(M0820) Caregiver Management of Equipment
280M0825_THERAPY_NEED(M0825) Therapy Need
281M0830_EC_MD_OFF(M0830) Doctors Office Emergency Visit
282M0830_EC_EMER_ROOM(M0830) Hospital Emergency Room
283M0830_EC_NONE(M0830) No Emergent Care Services
284M0830_EC_OUTPAT(M0830) Outpatient Department Emergency
285M0830_EC_UK(M0830) Unknown Emergent Care
286M0840_ECR_CARDIAC(M0840) Cardiac Problems
287M0840_ECR_GI_BLEED(M0840) GI Bleeding, Obstruction
288M0840_ECR_HYPOGLYC(M0840) Hypo/Hyperglycemia, Diabetes Out of Control
289M0840_ECR_MEDICAT(M0840) Improper Medication Administration
290M0840_ECR_INJURY(M0840) Injury Caused by Fall/Accident
291M0840_ECR_NAUSEA(M0840) Nausea/Dehydration/Malnutrition/Constipaton/Impaction
292M0840_ECR_OTHER(M0840) Other than Above Reasons for Emergent Care
293M0840_ECR_RESP(M0840) Respiratory Problems
294M0840_ECR_UK(M0840) Unknown Emergent Care Reason
295M0840_ECR_WOUND(M0840) Wound Infection
296M0855_INPAT_FAC(M0855) Inpatient Facility Where Admitted
297M0870_DSCHG_DISP(M0870) Discharge Disposition
298M0880_AFDC_OTH_AST(M0880) Assistance/Services Provided By Community Resources
299M0880_AFDC_FAM_AST(M0880) Assistance/Services Provided by Family/Friends
300M0880_AFDC_NO_AST(M0880) No Assistance/Services Received
301M0890_HOSP_RSN(M0890) Reason Admitted to Hospital
302M0895_HOSP_CHEMO(M0895) Chemotherapy
303M0895_HOSP_VN_PULM(M0895) Deep Vein Thrombosis/Pulmonary Embolus
304M0895_HOSP_CF_FLDS(M0895) Exacerbation of CHF/Fluid Overload/Heart Failure
305M0895_HOSP_GI_BLD(M0895) GI Bleeding, Obstruction
306M0895_HOS_HYPOGLYC(M0895) Hypo/Hyperglycemia, Diabetes Out of Control
307M0895_HOSP_IVC_INF(M0895) IV Catheter-Related Infection
308M0895_HOSP_MED(M0895) Improper Medication Administration
309M0895_HOSP_INJURY(M0895) Injury Caused by Fall/Accident
310M0895_HOSP_STROKE(M0895) Myocardial Infarction/Stroke
311M0895_HOSP_OTHER(M0895) Other Than Above Reason for Hospitalization
312M0895_HOSP_PSYCH(M0895) Psychotic Episode
313M0895_HOSP_RESP(M0895) Respiratory Problems
314M0895_HOSP_SURGERY(M0895) Scheduled Surgical Procedure
315M0895_HOSP_PAIN(M0895) Uncontrolled Pain
316M0895_HOSP_UR_TRCT(M0895) Urinary Tract Infection
317M0895_HOSP_WOUND(M0895) Wound or Tube Site Infection
318M0900_NH_HOSPICE(M0900) Hospice Care
319M0900_NH_OTHER(M0900) Other Reason Admitted to Nursing Home
320M0900_NH_PERMANENT(M0900) Permanent Placement
321M0900_NH_RESPITE(M0900) Respite Care
322M0900_NH_THERAPY(M0900) Therapy Services
323M0900_NH_UK(M0900) Unknown Reason Admitted to Nursing Home
324M0900_NH_UNSAFE_HM(M0900) Unsafe for Care at Home
325M0903_LST_HM_VISIT(M0903) Date of Last Home Visit
326M0906_DC_TR_DTH_DT(M0906) Discharge/Transfer/Death Date
327NATL_PRVDR_IDNational Provider Identifier (OASIS)
328M0110_EPSD_TIMING_CD(M0110) Episode Timing
329M0246_DGNS_ICD_A3_CD(M0246) Case Mix Dgns for PPS Pymnt rplcd by V-Cd in M0230 A
330M0246_DGNS_ICD_C4_CD(M0246) Optional - Case Mix Diagnosis
331M0246_DGNS_ICD_B3_CD(M0246) Case Mix Dgns for PPS Pymnt rplcd by V-Cd in M0240 B
332M0246_DGNS_ICD_B4_CD(M0246) B4 Case Mix Diagnosis
333M0246_DGNS_ICD_C3_CD(M0246) Case Mix Dgns for PPS Pymnt rplcd by V-Cd in M0240 C
334M0246_DGNS_ICD_C4_CD(M0246) Optional - Case Mix Diagnosis
335M0246_DGNS_ICD_D3_CD(M0246) D3 Case Mix Diagnosis
336M0246_DGNS_ICD_D4_CD(M0246) D4 Case Mix Diagnosis
337M0246_DGNS_ICD_E3_CD(M0246) E3 Case Mix Diagnosis
338M0246_DGNS_ICD_E4_CD(M0246) E4 Case Mix Diagnosis
339M0246_DGNS_ICD_F3_CD(M0246) F3 Case Mix Diagnosis
340M0246_DGNS_ICD_F4_CD(M0246) F4 Case Mix Diagnosis
341M0826_THRPY_NEED_NUM(M0826) Number of Therapy Visits
342M0826_THRPY_NEED_NA_NUM(M0826) Therapy Need Not Applicable
343M1000_DC_IPPS_14_DA M1000 Discharged Past 14 Days From IPPS
344M1000_DC_IRF_14_DA M1000 Discharged Past 14 Days From IRF
345M1000_DC_LTC_14_DA M1000 Discharged Past 14 Days From LTC
346M1000_DC_LTCH_14_DA M1000 Discharged Past 14 Days From LTCH
347M1000_DC_OTH_14_DA M1000 Discharged Past 14 Days From Other
348M1000_DC_PSYCH_14_DA M1000 Discharged Past 14 Days From Psychiatric Hospital Or Unit
349M1000_DC_SNF_14_DA M1000 (M0175) Discharged Past 14 Days From SNF/TCU
350M1000_DC_NON_14_DA M1000 (M0175) Discharged Past 14 Days - NA
351M1005_DSCHG_UK M1005 (M0180) Most Recent Inpat Discharge Date - UK
352M1005_INP_DSCHG_DT M1005 (M0180) Most Recent Inpatient Discharge Date
353M1010_14D_INP1_ICD M1010 (M0190) Inpatient Diagnosis1 ICD Code
354M1010_14D_INP2_ICD M1010 (M0190) Inpatient Diagnosis2 ICD Code
355M1010_14_DAY_INP3_ICD M1010 Inpatient Diagnosis3 ICD Code
356M1010_14_DAY_INP4_ICD M1010 Inpatient Diagnosis4 ICD Code
357M1010_14_DAY_INP5_ICD M1010 Inpatient Diagnosis5 ICD Code
358M1010_14_DAY_INP6_ICD M1010 Inpatient Diagnosis6 ICD Code
359M1012_INP_NA_ICD M1012 Inpatient ICD Procedure Code - NA
360M1012_INP_UK_ICD M1012 Inpatient ICD Procedure Code - UK
361M1012_INP_PRCDR1_ICD M1012 Inpatient ICD Procedure1 Code
362M1012_INP_PRCDR2_ICD M1012 Inpatient ICD Procedure2 Code
363M1012_INP_PRCDR3_ICD M1012 Inpatient ICD Procedure3 Code
364M1012_INP_PRCDR4_ICD M1012 Inpatient ICD Procedure4 Code
365M1016_CHGREG_ICD1 M1016 (M0210) Regimen Change - Diagnosis1 ICD Code
366M1016_CHGREG_ICD2 M1016 (M0210) Regimen Change - Diagnosis2 ICD Code
367M1016_CHGREG_ICD3 M1016 (M0210) Regimen Change - Diagnosis3 ICD Code
368M1016_CHGREG_ICD4 M1016 (M0210) Regimen Change - Diagnosis4 ICD Code
369M1016_CHGREG_ICD5 M1016 Regimen Change - Diagnosis5 ICD Code
370M1016_CHGREG_ICD6 M1016 Regimen Change - Diagnosis6 ICD Code
371M1016_CHGREG_ICD_NA M1016 Regimen Change In Past 14 Days - NA
372M1018_PR_CATH M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - Catheter
373M1018_PR_DISRUPT M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - Disruptive Behavior
374M1018_PR_IMP_DCSN M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - Impaired Decision-Making
375M1018_PR_INTR_PAIN M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - Intractable Pain
376M1018_PR_MEM_LOSS M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - Memory Loss
377M1018_PR_NOCHG_14D M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - NA
378M1018_PR_NONE M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - None Of The Above
379M1018_PR_UK M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - UK
380M1018_PR_UR_INCON M1018 (M0220) Prior Condition - Urinary Incontinence
381M1020_PRI_DGN_ICD M1020 (M0230) Primary Diagnosis ICD Code
382M1020_PRI_DGN_SEV M1020 (M0230) Primary Diagnosis Severity
383M1022_OTH_DGN1_ICD M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis1 ICD Code
384M1022_OTH_DGN1_SEV M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis1 Severity
385M1022_OTH_DGN2_ICD M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis2 ICD Code
386M1022_OTH_DGN2_SEV M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis2 Severity
387M1022_OTH_DGN3_ICD M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis3 ICD Code
388M1022_OTH_DGN3_SEV M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis3 Severity
389M1022_OTH_DGN4_ICD M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis4 ICD Code
390M1022_OTH_DGN4_SEV M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis4 Severity
391M1022_OTH_DGN5_ICD M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis5 ICD Code
392M1022_OTH_DGN5_SEV M1022 (M0240) Other Diagnosis5 Severity
393M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_A3_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Primary ICD, Col3
394M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_A4_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Primary ICD, Col4
395M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_B3_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD1, Col3
396M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_B4_CDM1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD1, Col4
397M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_C3_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD2, Col3
398M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_C4_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD2, Col4
399M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_D3_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD3, Col3
400M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_D4_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD3, Col4
401M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_E3_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD4, Col3
402M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_E4_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD4, Col4
403M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_F3_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD5, Col3
404M1024_PMT_DGNS_ICD_F4_CD M1024 (M0246) Case Mix Dx - Secndry ICD5, Col4
405M1030_THH_ENT_NUTR M1030 (M0250) Therapies In Home - Enteral Nutrition
406M1030_THH_IV_INFUS M1030 (M0250) Therapies In Home - IV Infusion
407M1030_THH_NONE_ABV M1030 (M0250) Therapies In Home - None Above
408M1030_THH_PAR_NUTR M1030 (M0250) Therapies In Home - Parenteral Nutrition
409M1032_HOSP_RISK_RCNT_DCLN M1032 Risk For Hosp - Decline In Mental, Emotional, Behavioral
410M1032_HOSP_RISK_FRAILTY M1032 Risk For Hosp - Frailty Indicators
411M1032_HOSP_RISK_HSTRY_FALLS M1032 Risk For Hosp - History Of Falls
412M1032_HOSP_RISK_MLTPL_HOSPZTN M1032 Risk For Hosp - More Than 1 Hospital In 12 Mo
413M1032_HOSP_RISK_NONE_ABOVE M1032 Risk For Hosp - None Of The Above
414M1032_HOSP_RISK_5PLUS_MDCTN M1032 Risk For Hosp - Taking 5 Or More Meds
415M1032_HOSP_RISK_OTHR M1032 Risk For Hospitalization - Other
416M1034_PTNT_OVRAL_STUS M1034 Overall Status
417M1036_RSK_ALCOHOL M1036 (M0290) High Risk Factor - Alcohol Dependency
418M1036_RSK_DRUGS M1036 (M0290) High Risk Factor - Drug Dependency
419M1036_RSK_NONE M1036 (M0290) High Risk Factor - None Of The Above
420M1036_RSK_OBESITY M1036 (M0290) High Risk Factor - Obesity
421M1036_RSK_SMOKING M1036 (M0290) High Risk Factor - Smoking
422M1036_RSK_UK M1036 (M0290) High Risk Factor - UK
423M1040_INFLNZ_RCVD_AGNCY M1040 Influenza Vaccine Received In Agency
424M1045_INFLNZ_RSN_NOT_RCVD M1045 Influenza Vaccine - Reason Not Received
425M1050_PPV_RCVD_AGNCY M1050 Pneumococcal Vaccine (PPV) Received In Agency
426M1055_PPV_RSN_NOT_RCVD_AGNCY M1055 Pneumococcal Vaccine (PPV) - Reason Not Received
427M1100_PTNT_LVG_STUTN M1100 Patient Living Situation
428M1200_VISION M1200 (M0390) Vision
429M1210_HEARG_ABLTY M1210 Ability To Hear
430M1220_UNDRSTG_VERBAL_CNTNT M1220 Understanding Of Verbal Content
431M1230_SPEECH M1230 (M0410) Speech And Oral Expression
432M1240_FRML_PAIN_ASMT M1240 Formal Pain Assessment
433M1242_PAIN_FREQ_ACTVTY_MVMT M1242 Frequency Of Pain Interfering With Activity
434M1300_PRSR_ULCR_RISK_ASMT M1300 Pressure Ulcer Assessment
435M1302_RISK_OF_PRSR_ULCR M1302 Risk Of Developing Pressure Ulcers
436M1306_UNHLD_STG2_PRSR_ULCR M1306 Unhealed Pressure Ulcer at Least Stage II
437M1307_OLDST_STG2_ONST_DT M1307 Oldest Stage II Onset Date
438M1307_OLDST_STG2_AT_DSCHRG M1307 Status Oldest Stg 2 Pressure Ulcer At Discharge
439M1308_NBR_PRSULC_STG2 M1308 Number Of Pressure Ulcers - Stage II
440M1308_NBR_STG2_AT_SOC_ROC M1308 Number Of Pressure Ulcers - Stage II At SOC ROC
441M1308_NBR_PRSULC_STG3 M1308 Number Of Pressure Ulcers - Stage III
442M1308_NBR_STG3_AT_SOC_ROC M1308 Number Of Pressure Ulcers - Stage III At SOC ROC
443M1308_NBR_PRSULC_STG4 M1308 Number Of Pressure Ulcers - Stage IV
444M1308_NBR_STG4_AT_SOC_ROC M1308 Number Of Pressure Ulcers - Stage IV At SOC ROC
445M1308_NSTG_DRSG M1308 Number Of Unstageble Pressure Ulcers Due To Non-Rmvble Dsg
446M1308_NSTG_DRSG_SOC_ROC M1308 Number Of Unstageble Pressure Ulcers Non-Rmvble Dsg @ SOC ROC
447M1308_NSTG_CVRG_SOC_ROC M1308 Number Unstageble Pressure Ulcers D/T Coverage Slough @ SOC ROC
448M1308_NSTG_CVRG M1308 Number Unstageble Pressure Ulcers D/T Coverage By Slough/Eschar
449M1308_NSTG_DEEP_TISUE M1308 Number Unstageble Pressure Ulcers D/T Deep Tissue Injury
450M1308_NSTG_DEEP_TISUE_SOC_ROC M1308 Number Unstageble Pressure Ulcers D/T Deep Tissue Injury @ SOC ROC
451M1310_PRSR_ULCR_LNGTH M1310 Largest Pressure Ulcer Length
452M1312_PRSR_ULCR_WDTH M1312 Largest Pressure Ulcer Width
453M1314_PRSR_ULCR_DEPTH M1314 Largest Pressure Ulcer Depth
454M1320_STUS_PRBLM_PRSR_ULCR M1320 Status Of Most Problematic Pressure Ulcer
455M1322_NBR_PRU_STG1 M1322 (M0450) Current Number Of Stage I Pressure Ulcers
456M1324_STG_PRBL_PRU M1324 (M0460) Stage Of Most Problematic Pressure Ulcer
457M1330_STAS_ULCR_PRSNT M1330 Stasis Ulcer Present
458M1332_NUM_STAS_ULCR M1332 Current Number Of (Observable) Stasis Ulcers
459M1334_STUS_PRBLM_STAS_ULCR M1334 Status Of Most Problematic Stasis Ulcer
460M1340_SRGCL_WND_PRSNT M1340 Does This Patient Have A Surgical Wound
461M1342_STUS_PRBLM_SRGCL_WND M1342 Status Of Most Problematic Surgical Wound
462M1350_LESION_OPEN_WND M1350 Skin Lesion Or Open Wound
463M1400_WHEN_DYSPNIC M1400 (M0490) When Is Patient Dyspneic
464M1410_RESPTX_AIRPR M1410 (M0500) Resprtry Treat At Home - Airway Press
465M1410_RESPTX_NONE M1410 (M0500) Resprtry Treat At Home - None
466M1410_RESPTX_OXYGN M1410 (M0500) Resprtry Treat At Home - Oxygen
467M1410_RESPTX_VENT M1410 (M0500) Resprtry Treat At Home - Ventilator
468M1500_SYMTM_HRT_FAILR_PTNTS M1500 Symptoms In Heart Failure Patients
469M1510_HRT_FAILR_CARE_PLAN_CHG M1510 Heart Fail. Follow-Up: Change In Care Plan
470M1510_HRT_FAILR_CLNCL_INTRVTN M1510 Heart Fail. Follow-Up: Clinical Intervention
471M1510_HRT_FAILR_ER_TRTMT M1510 Heart Fail. Follow-Up: ER Treatment Advised
472M1510_HRT_FAILR_NO_ACTN M1510 Heart Fail. Follow-Up: No Action Taken
473M1510_HRT_FAILR_PHYSN_CNTCT M1510 Heart Fail. Follow-Up: Physician Contacted
474M1510_HRT_FAILR_PHYSN_TRTMT M1510 Heart Fail. Follow-Up: Physician-Ordered Treatment
475M1600_UTI M1600 (M0510) Patient Treated For UTI Last 14 Days
476M1610_UR_INCONT M1610 (M0520) Urinary Incontinence Or Catheter Presence
477M1615_INCNTNT_TIMING M1615 When Does Urinary Incontinence Occur
478M1620_BWL_INCONT M1620 (M0540) Bowel Incontinence Frequency
479M1630_OSTOMY M1630 (M0550) Ostomy For Bowel Elimination
480M1700_COG_FUNCTION M1700 (M0560) Cognitive Functioning
481M1710_WHEN_CONFUSD M1710 (M0570) When Confused
482M1720_WHEN_ANXIOUS M1720 (M0580) When Anxious
483M1730_STDZ_DPRSN_SCRNG M1730 Depression Screening
484M1730_PHQ2_DPRSN M1730 PHQ2 - Feeling Down, Depressed or Hopeless
485M1730_PHQ2_LACK_INTRST M1730 PHQ2 - Little Interest Or Pleasure In Doing Things
486M1740_BD_DELUSIONS M1740 (M0610) Cog/Behavr/Psych Symp - Delusional
487M1740_BD_IMP_DCSN M1740 (M0610) Cog/Behavr/Psych Symp - Impaired Decision
488M1740_BD_MEM_DFICT M1740 (M0610) Cog/Behavr/Psych Symp - Memory Deficit
489M1740_BD_NONE M1740 (M0610) Cog/Behavr/Psych Symp - None Of The Above
490M1740_BD_PHYSICAL M1740 (M0610) Cog/Behavr/Psych Symp - Physical Aggression
491M1740_BD_SOC_INAPP M1740 (M0610) Cog/Behavr/Psych Symp - Socially Inapp
492M1740_BD_VERBAL M1740 (M0610) Cog/Behavr/Psych Symp - Verbal Disruption
493\M1745_BEH_PROB_FRQ M1745 (M0620) Frequency Of Disruptive Behavior Symptoms
494M1750_REC_PSYCH M1750 (M0630) Receives Psych Nursing Services
495M1800_CU_GROOMING M1800 (M0640) Current Grooming
496M1810_CU_DRESS_UPR M1810 (M0650) Current Dress Upper
497M1820_CU_DRESS_LOW M1820 (M0660) Current Dress Lower
498M1830_CRNT_BATHG M1830 Current Bathing
499M1840_CUR_TOILTG M1840 Toilet Transferring
500M1845_CUR_TOILTG_HYGN M1845 Current Toileting Hygiene
501M1850_CUR_TRNSFRNG M1850 Transferring
502M1860_CRNT_AMBLTN M1860 Ambulation/Locomotion
503M1870_CU_FEEDING M1870 (M0710) Current Feeding
504M1880_CU_PREP_MEAL M1880 (M0720) Current Preparing Light Meals
505M1890_CU_PHONE_USE M1890 (M0770) Current Phone Use
506M1900_PRIOR_ADLIADL_AMBLTN M1900 Prior Functioning ADL/IADL - Ambulation
507M1900_PRIOR_ADLIADL_HSEHOLD M1900 Prior Functioning ADL/IADL - Household Tasks
508M1900_PRIOR_ADLIADL_SELF M1900 Prior Functioning ADL/IADL - Self Care
509M1900_PRIOR_ADLIADL_TRNSFR M1900 Prior Functioning ADL/IADL - Transfer
510M1910_MLT_FCTR_FALL_RISK_ASMT M1910 Multi-Factor Fall Risk Assessment
511M2000_DRUG_RGMN_RVW M2000 Drug Regimen Review
512M2002_MDCTN_FLWP M2002 Medication Follow-Up
513M2004_MDCTN_INTRVTN M2004 Medication Intervention
514M2010_HIGH_RISK_DRUG_EDCTN M2010 Patient/Caregiver High Risk Drug Educ
515M2015_DRUG_EDCTN_INTRVTN M2015 Patient/Caregiver Drug Educ Intervention
516M2020_CRNT_MGMT_ORAL_MDCTN M2020 Current Management Of Oral Medications
517M2030_CRNT_MGMT_INJCTN_MDCTN M2030 Current Management Of Injectable Meds
518M2040_PRIOR_MGMT_INJCTN_MDCTN M2040 Prior Medication Management - Injectable Meds
519M2040_PRIOR_MGMT_ORAL_MDCTN M2040 Prior Medication Management - Oral Meds
520M2100_CARE_TYPE_SRC_ADL M2100 Care Management - ADL Assistance
521M2100_CARE_TYPE_SRC_ADVCY M2100 Care Management - Advocacy Or Facilitation
522M2100_CARE_TYPE_SRC_IADL M2100 Care Management - IADL Assistance
523M2100_CARE_TYPE_SRC_EQUIP M2100 Care Management - Management Of Equipment
524M2100_CARE_TYPE_SRC_PRCDR M2100 Care Management - Medical Procedures / Treatments
525M2100_CARE_TYPE_SRC_MDCTN M2100 Care Management - Medication Administration
526M2100_CARE_TYPE_SRC_SPRVSN M2100 Care Management - Supervision And Safety
527M2110_ADL_IADL_ASTNC_FREQ M2110 Frequency Of ADL Or IADL Assistance From Caregiver
528M2200_THRPY_NEED_NA_NUM M2200 (M0826) Therapy Need - NA
529M2200_THRPY_NEED_NUM M2200 (M0826) Therapy Need - Number Of Visits
530M2250_PLAN_SMRY_FALL_PRVNT M2250 Plan Of Care Synopsis - At Risk For Falls
531M2250_PLAN_SMRY_DPRSN_INTRVTN M2250 Plan Of Care Synopsis - Depression
532M2250_PLAN_SMRY_DBTS_FT_CARE M2250 Plan Of Care Synopsis - Diabetic Foot Care
533M2250_PLAN_SMRY_PAIN_INTRVTN M2250 Plan Of Care Synopsis - Pain Intervention
534M2250_PLAN_SMRY_PTNT_SPECF M2250 Plan Of Care Synopsis - Patient Specific
535M2250_PLAN_SMRY_PRSULC_TRTMT M2250 Plan Of Care Synopsis - Pressure Ulcer Moist Treatment
536M2250_PLAN_SMRY_PRSULC_PRVNT M2250 Plan Of Care Synopsis - Pressure Ulcer Prevention
537M2300_EMER_USE_AFTR_LAST_ASMT M2300 Emergent Care Since Last OASIS
538M2310_ECR_MENTL_BHVRL_PRBLM M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Acute Mental/Behavioral
539M2310_ECR_CRDC_DSRTHM M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Cardiac Dysrhythmia
540M2310_ECR_DHYDRTN_MALNTR M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Dehydration, Malnutrition
541M2310_ECR_DVT_PULMNRY M2310 Emergent Care Reason - DVT, Pulmonary Embolus
542M2310_ECR_GI_PRBLM M2310 Emergent Care Reason - GI Issues
543M2310_ECR_HRT_FAILR M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Heart Failure
544M2310_ECR_HYPOGLYC M2310 (M0840) Emergent Care - Hypo/Hyperglycemia
545M2310_ECR_MEDICAT M2310 (M0840) Emergent Care - Improper Medication Administration
546M2310_ECR_INJRY_BY_FALL M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Injury Caused By Fall
547M2310_ECR_CTHTR_CMPLCTN M2310 Emergent Care Reason - IV Catheter Infection
548M2310_ECR_MI_CHST_PAIN M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Myocardial Infarction
549M2310_ECR_OTHR_HRT_DEASE M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Other Heart Disease
550M2310_ECR_RSPRTRY_OTHR M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Other Respiratory Problem
551M2310_ECR_OTHER M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Other Than Above
552M2310_ECR_UK M2310 (M0840) Emergent Care - Reason Unknown
553M2310_ECR_RSPRTRY_INFCTN M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Respiratory Infection
554M2310_ECR_STROKE_TIA M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Stroke (CVA) Or TIA
555M2310_ECR_UNCNTLD_PAIN M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Uncontrolled Pain
556M2310_ECR_UTI M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Urinary Tract Infection
557M2310_ECR_WND_INFCTN_DTRORTN M2310 Emergent Care Reason - Wound Infection Or Deter
558M2400_INTRVTN_SMRY_DPRSN M2400 Intervention Synopsis - Depression Intervent
559M2400_INTRVTN_SMRY_DBTS_FT M2400 Intervention Synopsis - Diabetic Foot Care
560M2400_INTRVTN_SMRY_FALL_PRVNT M2400 Intervention Synopsis - Falls Prevention
561M2400_INTRVTN_SMRY_PRSULC_WET M2400 Intervention Synopsis - Moist Wound Treat Of Pressure Ulcer
562M2400_INTRVTN_SMRY_PAIN_MNTR M2400 Intervention Synopsis - Monitor And Mitigate Pain
563M2400_INTRVTN_SMRY_PRSULC_PRVN M2400 Intervention Synopsis - Prevent Pressure Ulcers
564M2410_INPAT_FAC M2410 (M0855) Inpatient Facility Admitted
565M2420_DSCHRG_DISP M2420 Discharge Disposition
566M2430_HOSP_MENTL_BHVRL_PRBLM M2430 Hospital Reason - Acute Mental/Behavioral
567M2430_HOSP_CRDC_DSRTHM M2430 Hospital Reason - Cardiac Dysrhythmia
568M2430_HOSP_DHYDRTN_MALNTR M2430 Hospital Reason - Dehydration, Malnutrition
569M2430_HOSP_VN_PULM M2430 (M0895) Hospital Reason - DVT Pulmonary Embolus
570M2430_HOSP_GI_PRBLM M2430 Hospital Reason - GI Issues
571M2430_HOSP_HRT_FAILR M2430 Hospital Reason - Heart Failure
572M2430_HOS_HYPOGLYC M2430 (M0895) Hospital Reason - Hypo/Hyperglycemic
573M2430_HOSP_MED M2430 (M0895) Hospital Reason - Improper Medication Administration
574M2430_HOSP_INJRY_BY_FALL M2430 Hospital Reason - Injury Caused By Fall
575M2430_HOSP_CTHTR_CMPLCTN M2430 Hospital Reason - IV Catheter Infection/Complication
576M2430_HOSP_MI_CHST_PAIN M2430 Hospital Reason - Myocardial Infarction
577M2430_HOSP_OTHR_HRT_DEASE M2430 Hospital Reason - Other Heart Disease
578M2430_HOSP_RSPRTRY_OTHR M2430 Hospital Reason - Other Respiratory Problem
579M2430_HOSP_OTHER M2430 Hospital Reason - Other Than Above
580M2430_HOSP_UK M2430 Hospital Reason - Reason Unknown
581M2430_HOSP_RSPRTRY_INFCTN M2430 Hospital Reason - Respiratory Infection
582M2430_HOSP_SCHLD_TRTMT M2430 Hospital Reason - Scheduled Treatment Or Procedure
583M2430_HOSP_STROKE_TIA M2430 Hospital Reason - Stroke (CVA) Or TIA
584M2430_HOSP_PAIN M2430 (M0895) Hospital Reason - Uncontrolled Pain
585M2430_HOSP_UR_TRCT M2430 (M0895) Hospital Reason - Urinary Tract Infect
586M2430_HOSP_WND_INFCTN M2430 Hospital Reason - Wound Infection/Deterioration
587M2440_NH_HOSPICE M2440 (M0900) Nursing Home Reason - Hospice Care
588M2440_NH_OTHER M2440 (M0900) Nursing Home Reason - Other
589M2440_NH_PERMANENT M2440 (M0900) Nursing Home Reason - Permanent Placement
590M2440_NH_RESPITE M2440 (M0900) Nursing Home Reason - Respite Care
591M2440_NH_THERAPY M2440 (M0900) Nursing Home Reason - Therapy Services
592M2440_NH_UK M2440 (M0900) Nursing Home Reason - Unknown
593M2440_NH_UNSAFE_HM M2440 (M0900) Nursing Home Reason - Unsafe At Home