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File Version: CCW Data Documentation November 2018

Chronic Conditions segment

SAS NameVariable Name
1BENE_IDEncrypted 723 Beneficiary ID (Unique Key)
2State_cdState Code (MESF)
3MSIS_IDEncrypted Medicaid State ID Number
4DM_SOURCEDual or Medicaid only enrollee
5ACP_COMBINEDADHD and Other Conduct Disorders Indicator - Combined Data
6ACP_MEDICAIDADHD and Other Conduct Disorders Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
7ACP_MEDICAREADHD and Other Conduct Disorders Indicator - Medicare Only Data
8AFIB_COMBINEDAtrial Fibrillation Indicator - Combined Data
9AFIB_MEDICAIDAtrial Fibrillation Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
10AFIB_MEDICAREAtrial Fibrillation Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
11ALCO_COMBINEDAlcohol Use Disorder - Combined Data
12ALCO_MEDICAIDAlcohol Use Disorder - Medicaid-Only Data
13ALCO_MEDICAREAlcohol Use Disorder - Medicare-Only Data
14ALZ_COMBINEDAlzheimer's Disease Indicator - Combined Data
15ALZ_MEDICAIDAlzheimer's Disease Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
16ALZ_MEDICAREAlzheimer's Disease Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
17ALZRDSD_COMBINEDAlzheimer's or related dementia Indicator - Combined Data
18ALZRDSD_MEDICAIDAlzheimer's Disease Related Disorders or Senile Dementia Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
19ALZRDSD_MEDICAREAlzheimer's Disease Related Disorders or Senile Dementia Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
20AMI_COMBINEDAcute Myocardial Infarction Indicator - Combined Data
21AMI_MEDICAIDAcute Myocardial Infarction Indicator - Medicaid-Only
22AMI_MEDICAREAcute Myocardial Infarction Indicator - Medicare-Only
23ANEMIA_COMBINEDAnemia Indicator -Combined Data
24ANEMIA_MEDICAIDAnemia Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
25ANEMIA_MEDICAREAnemia Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
26ANXI_COMBINEDAnxiety Disorders Indicator - Combined Data
27ANXI_MEDICAIDAnxiety Disorders Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
28ANXI_MEDICAREAnxiety Disorders Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
29ASTHMA_COMBINEDAsthma Indicator - Combined Data
30ASTHMA_MEDICAIDAsthma Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
31ASTHMA_MEDICAREAsthma Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
32AUTISM_COMBINEDAutism Indicator - Combined Data
33AUTISM_MEDICAIDAutism Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
34AUTISM_MEDICAREAutism Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
35BIPL_COMBINEDBipolar Disorder Indicator - Combined Data
36BIPL_MEDICAIDBipolar Disorder Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
37BIPL_MEDICAREBipolar Disorder Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
38BRAINJ_COMBINEDBrain Injury Indicator - Combined Data
39BRAINJ_MEDICAIDBrain Injury Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
40BRAINJ_MEDICAREBrain Injury Indicator - Medicare Only Data
41BRC_COMBINEDBreast Cancer Indicator - Combined Data
42BRC_MEDICAIDBreast Cancer Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
43BRC_MEDICAREBreast Cancer Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
44CAT_COMBINEDCataract Indicator - Combined Data
45CAT_MEDICAIDCataract Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
46CAT_MEDICARECataract Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
47CERPAL_COMBINEDCerebral Palsy Indicator - Combined Data
48CERPAL_MEDICAIDCerebral Palsy Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
49CERPAL_MEDICARECerebral Palsy Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
50CHF_COMBINEDHeart Failure Indicator - Combined Data
51CHF_MEDICAIDHeart Failure Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
52CHF_MEDICAREHeart Failure Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
53CKD_COMBINEDChronic Kidney Disease Indicator - Combined Data
54CKD_MEDICAIDChronic Kidney Disease Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
55CKD_MEDICAREChronic Kidney Disease Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
56COPD_COMBINEDChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Indicator - Combined Data
57COPD_MEDICAIDChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
58COPD_MEDICAREChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
59CRC_COMBINEDColorectal Cancer Indicator - Combined Data
60CRC_MEDICAIDColorectal Cancer Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
61CRC_MEDICAREColorectal Cancer Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
62CYSFIB_COMBINEDCystic Fibrosis Indicator - Combined Data
63CYSFIB_MEDICAIDCystic Fibrosis Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
64CYSFIB_MEDICARECystic Fibrosis Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
65DEPR_COMBINEDDepression Indicator - Combined Data
66DEPR_MEDICAIDDepression Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
67DEPR_MEDICAREDepression Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
68DEPSN_COMBINEDTO10 Depression Indicator - Combined Data
69DEPSN_MEDICAIDTO10 Depression Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
70DEPSN_MEDICARETO10 Depression Indicator - Medicare Only Data
71DIAB_COMBINEDDiabetes Indicator - Combined Data
72DIAB_MEDICAIDDiabetes Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
73DIAB_MEDICAREDiabetes Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
74DRUG_COMBINEDDrug Use Disorder Indicator - Combined Data
75DRUG_MEDICAIDDrug Use Disorder - Medicaid-Only Data
76DRUG_MEDICAREDrug Use Disorder Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
77ENDC_COMBINEDEndometrial Cancer Indicator - Combined Data
78ENDC_MEDICAIDEndometrial Cancer Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
79ENDC_MEDICAREEndometrial Cancer Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
80EPLILEP_COMBINEDEpilepsy Indicator - Combined Data
81EPLILEP_MEDICAIDEpilepsy Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
82EPLILEP_MEDICAREEpilepsy Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
200FIBRO_COMBINEDChronic Pain, Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
201FIBRO_MEDICAIDChronic Pain, Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia - Medicaid Only Claims
202FIBRO_MEDICAREChronic Pain, Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia - Medicare Only Claims
83GLCM_COMBINEDGlaucoma Indicator - Combined Data
84GLCM_MEDICAIDGlaucoma Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
85GLCM_MEDICAREGlaucoma Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
86HEARIM_COMBINEDHearing Impaired Indicator - Combined Data
87HEARIM_MEDICAIDHearing Impaired Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
88HEARIM_MEDICAREHearing Impaired Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
300HEPA_COMBINEDHepatitis A - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
301HEPA_MEDICAIDHepatitis A - Medicaid Only Claims
302HEPA_MEDICAREHepatitis A - Medicare Only Claims
303HEPB_ACT_COMBINEDHepatitis B (Acute or Unspecified) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
304HEPB_ACT_MEDICAIDHepatitis B (Acute or Unspecified) - Medicaid Only Claims
305HEPB_ACT_MEDICAREHepatitis B (Acute or Unspecified) - Medicare Only Claims
306HEPB_CHR_COMBINEDHepatitis B (Chronic) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
307HEPB_CHR_MEDICAIDHepatitis B (Chronic) - Medicaid Only Claims
308HEPB_CHR_MEDICAREHepatitis B (Chronic) - Medicare Only Claims
309HEPC_ACT_COMBINEDHepatitis C (Acute) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
310HEPC_ACT_MEDICAIDHepatitis C (Acute) - Medicaid Only Claims
311HEPC_ACT_MEDICAREHepatitis C (Acute) - Medicare Only Claims
312HEPC_CHR_COMBINEDHepatitis C (Chronic) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
313HEPC_CHR_MEDICAIDHepatitis C (Chronic) - Medicaid Only Claims
314HEPC_CHR_MEDICAREHepatitis C (Chronic) - Medicare Only Claims
315HEPC_UNS_COMBINEDHepatitis C (Unspecified) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
316HEPC_UNS_MEDICAIDHepatitis C (Unspecified) - Medicaid Only Claims
317HEPC_UNS_MEDICAREHepatitis C (Unspecified) - Medicare Only Claims
318HEPD_COMBINEDHepatitis D - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
319HEPD_MEDICAIDHepatitis D - Medicaid Only Claims
320HEPD_MEDICAREHepatitis D - Medicare Only Claims
321HEPE_COMBINEDHepatitis E - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
322HEPE_MEDICAIDHepatitis E - Medicaid Only Claims
323HEPE_MEDICAREHepatitis E - Medicare Only Claims
324HEPVIRAL_COMBINEDViral Hepatitis (General) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
325HEPVIRAL_MEDICAIDViral Hepatitis (General) - Medicaid Only Claims
326HEPVIRAL_MEDICAREViral Hepatitis (General) - Medicare Only Claims
89HFRAC_COMBINEDHip / Pelvic Fracture Indicator - Combined Data
90HFRAC_MEDICADHip / Pelvic Fracture Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
91HFRAC_MEDICAREHip / Pelvic Fracture Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
327HIVAIDS_COMBINED(HIV/AIDS) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
328HIVAIDS_MEDICAID(HIV/AIDS) - Medicaid Only Claims
329HIVAIDS_MEDICARE(HIV/AIDS) - Medicare Only Claims
92HYPLIP_COMBINEDHyperlipidemia Indicator - Combined Data
93HYPLIP_MEDICAIDHyperlipidemia Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
94HYPLIP_MEDICAREHyperlipidemia Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
95HYPPLA_COMBINEDBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia Indicator - Combined Data
96HYPPLA_MEDICAIDBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
97HYPPLA_MEDICAREBenign Prostatic Hyperplasia Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
98HYPTEN_COMBINEDHypertension Indicator - Combined Data
99HYPTEN_MEDICAIDHypertension Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
100HYPTEN_MEDICAREHypertension Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
101HYPTHY_COMBINEDAcquired Hypothyroidism Indicator - Combined Data
102HYPTHY_MEDICAIDAcquired Hypothyroidism Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
103HYPTHY_MEDICAREAcquired Hypothyroidsim Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
104IHD_COMBINEDIschemic Heart Disease Indicator - Combined Data
105IHD_MEDICAIDIschemic Heart Disease Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
106IHD_MEDICAREIschemic Heart Disease Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
107INTDIS_COMBINEDIntellectual Disabilities Indicator - Combined Data
108INTDIS_MEDICAIDIntellectual Disabilities Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
109INTDIS_MEDICAREIntellectual Disabilities Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
110LEADIS_COMBINEDLearning Disabilities Indicator - Combined Data
111LEADIS_MEDICAIDLearning Disabilities Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
112LEADIS_MEDICARELearning Disabilities Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
330LEUKLYMPH_COMBINEDLeukemias and Lymphomas - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
331LEUKLYMPH_MEDICAIDLeukemias and Lymphomas - Medicaid Only Claims
332LEUKLYMPH_MEDICARELeukemias and Lymphomas - Medicare Only Claims
333LIVER_COMBINEDLiver Disease, Cirrhosis & Oth Liver Cond (excl Hepatitis) - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
334LIVER_MEDICAIDLiver Disease, Cirrhosis & Oth Liver Cond (excl Hepatitis) - Medicaid Only Claims
335LIVER_MEDICARELiver Disease, Cirrhosis & Oth Liver Cond (excl Hepatitis) - Medicare Only Claims
113LNGC_COMBINEDLung Cancer Indicator - Combined Data
114LNGC_MEDICAIDLung Cancer Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
115LNGC_MEDICARELung Cancer Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
336MIGRAINE_COMBINEDMigraine and other Chronic Headache - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
337MIGRAINE_MEDICAIDMigraine and other Chronic Headache - Medicaid Only Claims
338MIGRAINE_MEDICAREMigraine and other Chronic Headache - Medicare Only Claims
116MOBIMP_COMBINEDMobility Impairments Indicator - Combined Data
117MOBIMP_MEDICAIDMobility Impairments Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
118MOBIMP_MEDICAREMobility Impairments Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
119MULSCL_COMBINEDMultiple Sclerosis and Transverse Myelitis Indicator - Combined Data
120MULSCL_MEDICAIDMultiple Sclerosis and Transverse Myelitis Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
121MULSCL_MEDICAREMultiple Sclerosis and Transverse Myelistis Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
122MUSDYS_COMBINEDMuscular Dystrophy Indicator - Combined Data
123MUSDYS_MEDICAIDMuscular Dystrophy Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
124MUSDYS_MEDICAREMuscular Dystrophy Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
339OBESITY_COMBINEDObesity - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
340OBESITY_MEDICAIDObesity - Medicaid Only Claims
341OBESITY_MEDICAREObesity - Medicare Only Claims
125OST_COMBINEDOsteoporosis Indicator - Combined Data
126OST_MEDICAIDOsteoporosis Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
127OST_MEDICAREOsteoporosis Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
128OTHDEL_COMBINEDOther Developmental Delays Indicator - Combined Data
129OTHDEL_MEDICAIDOther Developmental Delays Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
130OTHDEL_MEDICAREOther Developmental Delays Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
342OUD_ANY_COMBINEDOverarching OUD Disorder (Any of the 3 Sub-Indicators) - Combined Claims
343OUD_ANY_MEDICAIDOverarching OUD Disorder (Any of the 3 Sub-Indctrs) - Mdcd-Only Claims
344OUD_ANY_MEDICAREOverarching OUD Disorder (Any of the 3 Sub-Indctrs) - Mdcr-Only Claims
346OUD_DX_COMBINEDDiagnosis and Procedure Basis for OUD - Combined Claims
347OUD_DX_MEDICAIDDiagnosis and Procedure Basis for OUD - Medicaid-Only Claims
348OUD_DX_MEDICAREDiagnosis and Procedure Basis for OUD - Medicare-Only Claims
349OUD_HOSP_COMBINEDOpioid-Related Hospitalization or Emergency Department - Combined Claims
350OUD_HOSP_MEDICAIDOpioid-Related Hospitalization or Emergency Department - Medicaid-Only Claims
351OUD_HOSP_MEDICAREOpioid-Related Hospitalization or Emergency Department - Medicare-Only Claims
352OUD_MAT_COMBINEDUse of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) - Combined Claims
353OUD_MAT_MEDICAIDUse of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) - Medicaid-Only Claims
354OUD_MAT_MEDICAREUse of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) - Medicare-Only Claims (MESF)
131PRC_COMBINEDProstate Cancer Indicator - Combined Data
345PRC_MEDICAIDProstate Cancer Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
133PRC_MEDICAREProstate Cancer Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
134PSDS_COMBINEDPersonality Disorders Indicator - Combined Data
135PSDS_MEDICAIDPersonality Disorders Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
136PSDS_MEDICAREPersonality Disorders Indicator - Medicare Only Data
137PTRA_COMBINEDPTSD Indicator - Combined Data
138PTRA_MEDICAIDPTSD Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
139PTRA_MEDICAREPTSD Indicator - Medicare Only Data
355PVD_COMBINEDPeripheral Vascular Disease - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
356PVD_MEDICAIDPeripheral Vascular Disease - Medicaid Only Claims
357PVD_MEDICAREPeripheral Vascular Disease - Medicare Only Claims
140RAOA_COMBINEDRheumatoid - Osteo Arthritis Indicator - Combined Data
141RAOA_MEDICAIDRheumatoid - Osteo Arthritis Indicator - Medicaid-Only
142RAOA_MEDICARERheumatoid - Osteo Arthritis Indicator - Medicare-Only
143SCHI_COMBINEDSchizophrenia Indicator - Combined Data
144SCHI_MEDICAIDSchizophrenia Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
145SCHI_MEDICARESchizophrenia Indicator - Medicare Only Data
146SCHIOT_COMBINEDSchizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders Indicator - Combined Data
147SCHIOT_MEDICAIDSchizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders indicator - Medicaid Only Data
148SCHIOT_MEDICARESchizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders Indicator - Medicare Only Data
149SPIBIF_COMBINEDSpina Bifida and Other Congenital Anomalies Indicator - Combined Data
150SPIBIF_MEDICAIDSpina Bifida and Other Congenital Anomalies Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
151SPIBIF_MEDICARESpina Bifida and Other Congenital Anomalies Indicator - Medicare Ony Data
358SPIINJ_COMBINEDSpinal Cord Injury - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
359SPIINJ_MEDICAIDSpinal Cord Injury - Medicaid Only Claims
360SPIINJ_MEDICARESpinal Cord Injury - Medicare Only Claims
152STRK_COMBINEDStroke/Transient Ischemic Attack Indicator - Combined Data
153STRK_MEDICAIDStroke/Transient Ischemic Attack Indicator - Medicaid-Only Data
154STRK_MEDICAREStroke/Transient Ischemic Attack Indicator - Medicare-Only Data
155TOBA_COMBINEDTobacco Use Disorders Indicator - Combined Data
156TOBA_MEDICAIDTobacco Use Disorders Indicator - Medicaid Only Data
157TOBA_MEDICARETobacco Use Disorders Indicator - Medicare Only Data
361ULCERS_COMBINEDPressure Ulcers and Chronic Ulcers - Combined Medicare & Medicaid Claims
362ULCERS_MEDICAIDPressure Ulcers and Chronic Ulcers - Medicaid Only Claims
363ULCERS_MEDICAREPressure Ulcers and Chronic Ulcers - Medicare Only Claims
158VISUAL_COMBINEDSensory Blindness and Visual Impairment - Combined Data
159VISUAL_MEDICAIDSensory Blindness and Visual Impairment - Medicaid Only Data
160VISUAL_MEDICARESensory Blindness and Visual Impairment - Medicare Only Data