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SAS NameVariable Name
630BENE_IDEncrypted 723 Beneficiary ID (MDS)
2ASMT_IDEncrypted Assessment ID
3TRGT_DTTarget Date (Date of Assessment) (MDS)
4STATE_CDState Code
5Facility/Provider Internal IDFacility Internal ID (MDS)
6MDS_ASMT_IDEncrypted MDS Assessment Internal ID
7MDS_ITM_SBST_CDItem Subset Code (ISC)
8SUBMSN_DTSubmission Date (MDS)
10RQRD_SUBMSN_CDSubmission Required Code (SUB_REQ)
11BIRTH_DT_SBMT_INDBirth Date Submit Code
12CRCTN_NUMCorrection Number
13MDS_CRCTN_STUS_CDCorrection Status Code
14SPEC_VRSN_CDData Submission Specification Version Code
15FAC_DOC_IDFacility Document Idenitifier
16ITM_SET_VRSN_CDItem Set Version Code
17ORGNL_ASMT_IDEncrypted Original Assessment ID (MDS)
18V0100F_PRIOR_STF_MOOD_SCRE_NUMPrior Assessment Staff Assessment of Resident Mood (PHQ-9) Total Severity Score Number
19PRCSD_TSProcessed Timestamp
20C_RSDNT_AGE_NUMResident Age
21RSDNT_MATCH_CRTIA_IDResident Match Criteria ID
22SFTWR_PROD_NAMESoftware Product Name (MDS)
23SFTWR_PROD_VRSN_CDSoftware Product Version
24SFTW_VNDR_IDSoftware Vendor ID
25C_URBN_RRL_CDCBSA Urban/Rural Code
26C_MDCR_HIPPS_TXTRecalculated Z0100A
27C_MDCR_RUG_VRSN_TXTRecalculated Z0100B
28C_MDCR_STAY_CDRecalculated Z0100C
29C_MDCR_SET_CDCMI Set for Recalculated Z0100A
30C_MDCR_CMI_TXTCMI Value for Recalculated Z0100A
31C_MDCR_NT_HIPPS_TXTRecalculated Z0150A
32C_MDCR_NT_RUG_VRSN_TXTRecalculated Z0150B
33C_MDCR_NT_SET_CDCMI Set for Recalculated Z0150A
34C_MDCR_NT_CMI_TXTCMI Value for Recalculated Z0150A
35C_STATE_RUG_GRP_TXTRecalculated Z0200A
36C_STATE_RUG_VRSN_TXTRecalculated Z0200B
37C_STATE_SET_CDCMI Set for Recalculated Z0200A
38C_STATE_CMI_TXTCMI Value for Recalculated Z0200A
39C_STATE_2_RUG_GRP_TXTRecalculated Z0250A
40C_STATE_2_RUG_VRSN_TXTRecalculated Z0250B
41C_STATE_2_SET_CDCMI Set for Recalculated Z0250A
42C_STATE_2_CMI_TXTCMI Value for Recalculated Z0250A
43C_MDCR_RUG3_IDX_MAX_GRP_TXTMedicare RUG III Index Maximized Group
44C_MDCR_RUG3_IDX_MAX_VRSN_TXTMedicare RUG III Index Maximized Version
45C_MDCR_RUG3_IDX_MAX_CMI_SET_CDMedicare RUG III Index Maximized CMI Set
46C_MDCR_RUG3_IDX_MAX_CMI_TXTMedicare RUG III Index Maximized CMI Value
47C_MDCR_RUG3_HIRCHCL_GRP_TXTMedicare RUG III Hierarchical Group
48C_MDCR_RUG3_HIRCHCL_VRSN_TXTMedicare RUG III Hierarchical Version
49C_MDCR_RUG4_HIRCHCL_GRP_TXTMedicare RUG IV Hierarchical Group
50C_MDCR_RUG4_HIRCHCL_VRSN_TXTMedicare RUG IV Hierarchical Version
631A0050_TYPE_OF_REC_INDA0050 Type of Record Code
51A0100A_NPI_NUMA0100A Facility National Provider Identifier (NPI)
52A0100B_FAC_CCN_NUMA0100B Facility CMS Certification Number (CCN)
53A0100C_STATE_PRVDR_NUMA0100C State Provider Number
54A0200_TYPE_OF_PRVDR_INDA0200 Type of Provider
55A0310A_FED_OBRA_CDA0310A Federal OBRA Reason for Assessment Code
56A0310B_PPS_CDA0310B PPS Assessment Code
57A0310C_PPS_OMRA_CDA0310C PPS Other Medicare Required Assessment (OMRA) Code
58A0310D_SB_CLNCL_CHG_CDA0310D Swing Bed Clinical Change Code
59A0310E_FIRST_SINCE_ADMSN_CDA0310E First Assessment Since Most Recent Admission Code
60A0310F_ENTRY_DSCHRG_CDA0310F Entry/Discharge Code
632A0310G_PLND_DSCHRGA0310G Planned Discharge Code
61A0410_RQRD_SUBMSN_CDA0410 Submission Required Code
62A0800_GNDR_INDA0800 Gender
63A0900_BIRTH_DTA0900 Birth Date
64A1000A_AMRCN_INDN_AK_NTV_CDA1000A Race/Ethnicity: American Indian or Alaskan Native Code
65A1000B_ASN_CDA1000B Race/Ethnicity: Asian Code
66A1000C_AFRCN_AMRCN_CDA1000C Race/Ethnicity: African American Code
67A1000D_HSPNC_CDA1000D Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic Code
68A1000E_NTV_HI_PCFC_ISLNDR_CDA1000E Race/Ethnicity: Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Code
69A1000F_WHT_CDA1000F Race/Ethnicity: White Code
70A1100A_NEED_INTRPTR_CDA1100A Resident Need Interpreter Code
71A1100B_PREFRD_LANG_TXTA1100B Preferred Language
72A1200_MRTL_STUS_CDA1200 Marital Status Code
73A1300A_MDCL_REC_NUMA1300A Medical Record Number
74A1300B_ROOM_NUMA1300B Room Number
75A1300C_PREFRD_NAMEA1300C Preferred Name
76A1300D_LFTM_OCPTN_TXTA1300D Lifetime Occupation(s) Text
77A1500_PASRR_CDA1500 Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Code
633A1510A_SRUS_MENTL_ILL_CDA1510A Serious Mental Illness Code
634A1510B_MENTL_RTRDTN_CDA1510B Intellectual Disability Code
635A1510C_OTHR_PASSR_RTLDL_CDA1510C Other Related Condition Code
78A1550A_DOWN_SYNDRM_CDA1550A MR/DD Status: Down Syndrome Code
79A1550B_AUTMS_CDA1550B MR/DD Status: Autism Code
80A1550C_EPLPSY_CDA1550C MR/DD Status: Epilepsy Code
81A1550D_OTHR_ORGNC_MR_DD_CDA1550D MR/DD Status: Other Organic MR/DD Condition Code
82A1550E_OTHR_MR_DD_CDA1550E MR/DD Status: MR/DD With No Organic Condition Code
83A1550Z_NO_MR_DD_CDA1550Z MR/DD Status: None of the Above
84A1600_ENTRY_DTA1600 Entry Date
85A1700_ENTRY_TYPE_CDA1700 Type of Entry Code
86A1800_ENTRD_FROM_TXTA1800 Entered From Code
87A2000_DSCHRG_DTA2000 Discharge Date
88A2100_DSCHRG_STUS_CDA2100 Discharge Status Code
89A2200_PRVS_ASMT_RFRNC_DTA2200 Previous Assessment Reference Date For Significant Correction
90A2300_ASMT_RFRNC_DTA2300 Assessment Reference Date
91A2400A_MDCR_STAY_CDA2400A Has Resident Had a Medicare Stay Code Since Most Recent Admission
92A2400B_MDCR_STAY_STRT_DTA2400B Start Date of Most Recent Medicare Stay
93A2400C_MDCR_STAY_END_DTA2400C End Date of Most Recent Medicare Stay
94B0100_CMTS_CDB0100 Comatose Code
95B0200_HEARG_CDB0200 Hearing Code
96B0300_HEARG_AID_CDB0300 Hearing Aide Code
97B0600_SPCH_CLRTY_CDB0600 Speech Clarity Code
98B0700_SELF_UNDRSTOD_CDB0700 Makes Self Understood Code
99B0800_UNDRST_OTHR_CDB0800 Ability to Understand Others Code
100B1000_VSN_CDB1000 Vision Code
101B1200_CRCTV_LENS_CDB1200 Corrective Lenses Code
102C0100_CNDCT_MENTL_STUS_CDC0100 Brief Interview for Mental Status Be Conducted Code (MDS)
103C0200_WORD_RPET_FIRST_ATMPT_CDC0200 BIMS: Number of Words Repeated After First Attempt (MDS)
104C0300A_RPT_CRCT_YR_CDC0300A BIMS: Temporal Orientation - Able to Report Correct Year (MDS)
105C0300B_RPT_CRCT_MO_CDC0300B BIMS: Temporal Orientation - Able to Report Correct Month (MDS)
106C0300C_RPT_CRCT_DAY_CDC0300C BIMS: Temporal Orientation - Able to Report Correct Day of Week (MDS)
107C0400A_RCALL_FIRST_WORD_CDC0400A BIMS: Recall - Able to Recall Sock (MDS)
108C0400B_RCALL_SCND_WORD_CDC0400B BIMS: Recall - Able to Recall Blue (MDS)
109C0400C_RCALL_THRD_WORD_CDC0400C BIMS: Recall - Able to Recall Bed (MDS)
110C0500_BIMS_SCRE_NUMC0500 Brief Interview for Mental Status (BIMS) Score Number (MDS)
111C0600_CNDCT_STF_MENTL_STUS_CDC0600 Staff to Conduct Brief Interview for Mental Status (MDS)
112C0700_SHRT_TERM_MEMRY_CDC0700 Staff Assessment of Mental Status - Short Term Memory Code
113C0800_LT_MEMRY_CDC0800 Staff Assessment of Mental Status - Long Term Memory Code
114C0900A_RCALL_CRNT_SEASN_CDC0900A Staff Assessment of Mental Status - Recalls Current Season Code
115C0900B_RCALL_LCTN_ROOM_CDC0900B Staff Assessment of Mental Status - Recalls Location of Room Code
116C0900C_RCALL_STF_NAME_CDC0900C Staff Assessment of Mental Status - Recalls Staff Name Code
117C0900D_RCALL_NH_CDC0900D Staff Assessment of Mental Status - Recalls Nursing Home Code
118C0900Z_RCALL_NONE_CDC0900Z Staff Assessment of Mental Status - Recalls None of Above Code
119C1000_DCSN_MKNG_CDC1000 Cognitive Skills for Decision Making Code
120C1300A_INATTNTN_CDC1300A Signs and Symptoms of Delirium - Inattention
121C1300B_DISORGNZ_THNKG_CDC1300B Signs and Symptoms of Delirium - Disorganized Thinking
122C1300C_ALTRD_CONSCS_CDC1300C Signs and Symptoms of Delirium - Altered Level of Consciousness
123C1300D_PSYCHMTR_RTRDTN_CDC1300D Signs and Symptoms of Delirium - Psychomotor Retardation
124C1600_CHG_MENTL_STUS_CDC1600 Acute Onset Mental Status Change
125D0100_CNDCT_MOOD_CDD0100 Resident Mood Interview Be Conducted Code
126D0200A1_INTRST_LOSS_CDD0200A1 Resident Mood Interview - Interest Loss Code
127D0200A2_INTRST_LOSS_FREQ_CDD0200A2 Resident Mood Interview - Interest Loss Frequency Code
128D0200B1_FEEL_DOWN_CDD0200B1 Resident Mood Interview - Feel Down Code
129D0200B2_FEEL_DOWN_FREQ_CDD0200B2 Resident Mood Interview - Feel Down Frequency Code
130D0200C1_TRBL_SLEEP_CDD0200C1 Resident Mood Interview - Trouble Sleep Code
131D0200C2_TRBL_SLEEP_FREQ_CDD0200C2 Resident Mood Interview - Trouble Sleep Frequency Code
132D0200D1_LTL_ENRGY_CDD0200D1 Resident Mood Interview - Little Energy Code
133D0200D2_LTL_ENRGY_FREQ_CDD0200D2 Resident Mood Interview - Little Energy Frequency Code
134D0200E1_POOR_APTIT_CDD0200E1 Resident Mood Interview - Poor Appetite Code
135D0200E2_POOR_APTIT_FREQ_CDD0200E2 Resident Mood Interview - Poor Appetite Frequency Code
136D0200F1_SELF_DPRCTN_CDD0200F1 Resident Mood Interview - Self Depreciation Code
137D0200F2_SELF_DPRCTN_FREQ_CDD0200F2 Resident Mood Interview - Self Depreciation Frequency Code
138D0200G1_CNCNTRTN_CDD0200G1 Resident Mood Interview - Lack of Concentration Code
139D0200G2_CNCNTRTN_FREQ_CDD0200G2 Resident Mood Interview - Lack of Concentration Frequency Code
140D0200H1_MVMT_DFRNT_CDD0200H1 Resident Mood Interview - Movement Different Code
141D0200H2_MVMT_DFRNT_FREQ_CDD0200H2 Resident Mood Interview - Movement Different Frequency Code
142D0200I1_NGTV_STATE_CDD0200I1 Resident Mood Interview - Negative Statement Code
143D0200I2_NGTV_STATE_FREQ_CDD0200I2 Resident Mood Interview - Negative Statement Frequency Code
144D0300_MOOD_SCRE_NUMD0300 Resident Mood Interview - Total Severity Mood Score Code
145D0350_NGTV_STATE_NTFY_STF_CDD0350 Resident Mood Interview - Negative Statements Notify Staff Code
146D0500A1_STF_INTRST_LOSS_CDD0500A1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Interest Loss Code
147D0500A2_STF_INTRSTLOSS_FREQ_CDD0500A2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Interest Loss Frequency Code
148D0500B1_STF_FEEL_DOWN_CDD0500B1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Feel Down Code
149D0500B2_STF_FEEL_DOWN_FREQ_CDD0500B2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Feel Down Frequency Code
150D0500C1_STF_TRBL_SLEEP_CDD0500C1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Trouble Sleep Code
151D0500C2_STF_TRBL_SLEEP_FREQ_CDD0500C2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Trouble Sleep Frequency Code
152D0500D1_STF_LTL_ENRGY_CDD0500D1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Little Energy Code
153D0500D2_STF_LTL_ENRGY_FREQ_CDD0500D2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Little Energy Frequency Code
154D0500E1_STF_POOR_APTIT_CDD0500E1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Poor Appetite Code
155D0500E2_STF_POOR_APTIT_FREQ_CDD0500E2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Poor Appetite Frequency Code
156D0500F1_STF_SELF_DPRCTN_CDD0500F1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Self Depreciation Code
157D0500F2_STF_SELFDPRCTN_FREQ_CDD0500F2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Self Depreciation Frequency Code
158D0500G1_STF_CNCNTRTN_CDD0500G1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Concentration Code
159D0500G2_STF_CNCNTRTN_FREQ_CDD0500G2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Concentration Frequency Code
160D0500H1_STF_MVMT_DFRNT_CDD0500H1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Movement Different Code
161D0500H2_STF_MVMT_DFRNT_FREQ_CDD0500H2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Movement Different Frequency Code
162D0500I1_STF_NGTV_STATE_CDD0500I1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Negative Statement Code
163D0500I2_STF_NGTV_STATE_FREQ_CDD0500I2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Negative Statement Frequency Code
164D0500J1_STF_SHRT_TMPR_CDD0500J1 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Short Temper Code
165D0500J2_STF_SHRT_TMPR_FREQ_CDD0500J2 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Short Temper Frequency Code
166D0600_STF_MOOD_SCRE_NUMD0600 Staff Assessment Total Severity Mood Score
167D0650_STF_NGTV_STATE_NTFY_CDD0650 Staff Assessment of Resident Mood - Negative Statement Notify Code
168E0100A_HLLCNTN_CDE0100A Behavior: Hallucinations Code
169E0100B_DLSN_CDE0100B Behavior: Delusion Code
170E0100Z_NO_PSYCHOSIS_CDE0100Z Behavior: No Psychosis Code
171E0200A_PHYS_BHVRL_CDE0200A Behavior: Physical Behavioral Code
172E0200B_VRBL_BHVRL_CDE0200B Behavior: Verbal Behavioral Code
173E0200C_OTHR_BHVRL_CDE0200C Behavior: Other Behavioral Code
174E0300_BHVR_PRSNT_CDE0300 Overall Presence of Behavioral Symptoms
175E0500A_BHVR_INJR_SELF_CDE0500A Behavior Impact on Resident: Risk to Injure Self
176E0500B_BHVR_INTRFR_CARE_CDE0500B Behavior Impact on Resident: Interferes With Care
177E0500C_BHVR_INTRFR_PRTCPTN_CDE0500C Behavior Impact on Resident: Interferes With Participation
178E0600A_BHVR_INJR_OTHR_CDE0600A Behavior Impact on Others: Risk to Injure Others
179E0600B_BHVR_INTRD_PRVCY_CDE0600B Behavior Impact on Others: Intrude On Privacy of Others
180E0600C_BHVR_DSRUPT_ENVRMNT_CDE0600C Behavior Impact on Others: Disrupt Care or Living Environment
181E0800_RJCT_EVALTN_CDE0800 Rejection of Care: Presence and Frequency
182E0900_WNDR_CDE0900 Wandering: Presence and Frequency
183E1000A_WNDR_RISK_CDE1000A Wander Risk Impact
184E1000B_WNDR_INTRD_PRVCY_CDE1000B Wandering Intrudes on Privacy of Others
185E1100_BHVR_CHG_PRIOR_CDE1100 Change in Behavior or Other Symptoms
186F0300_CNDCT_ACTVTY_CDF0300 Should Daily and Activity Preference Interview Be Conducted
187F0400A_DRESS_CDF0400A Interview for Daily Preferences: Chooses Clothes Code
188F0400B_CARE_PRSNL_ITM_CDF0400B Interview for Daily Preferences: Care Personal Items Code
189F0400C_BATHG_OPTN_CDF0400C Interview for Daily Preferences: Bathing Option Code
190F0400D_SNACK_BTWN_CDF0400D Interview for Daily Preferences: Snack Between Meals Code
191F0400E_BED_TIME_CDF0400E Interview for Daily Preferences: Choose Bed Time Code
192F0400F_FMLY_INVLMT_CDF0400F Interview for Daily Preferences: Family Involvement Code
193F0400G_PRVT_PHNE_CDF0400G Interview for Daily Preferences: Private Phone Time Code
194F0400H_LOCK_ITM_CDF0400H Interview for Daily Preferences: Lock Item Code
195F0500A_READG_AVLBL_CDF0500A Interview for Activity Preferences: Reading Materials Available Code
196F0500B_MUSIC_CDF0500B Interview for Activity Preferences: Music Code
197F0500C_ANML_CDF0500C Interview for Activity Preferences: Animal Presence Code
198F0500D_NEWS_CDF0500D Interview for Activity Preferences: News Code
199F0500E_GRP_ACTVTY_CDF0500E Interview for Activity Preferences: Group Activity Code
200F0500F_FVRT_ACTVTY_CDF0500F Interview for Activity Preferences: Favorite Activity Code
201F0500G_FRSH_AIR_CDF0500G Interview for Activity Preferences: Time Outdoors Code
202F0500H_RLGN_CDF0500H Interview for Activity Preferences: Religion Code
203F0600_RSPNDT_ACTVTY_CDF0600 Daily and Activity Preferences Primary Respondent Code
204F0700_STF_CNDCT_ACTVTY_CDF0700 Conduct Staff Assessment of Daily and Activity Preferences Code
205F0800A_STF_DRESS_CDF0800A Staff Assessment: Chooses Clothes Code
206F0800B_STF_CARE_PRSNL_ITM_CDF0800B Staff Assessment: Care Personal Item Code
207F0800C_STF_TUB_BATH_CDF0800C Staff Assessment: Tub Bath Code
208F0800D_STF_SHWR_CDF0800D Staff Assessment: Shower Code
209F0800E_STF_BED_BATH_CDF0800E Staff Assessment: Bed Bath Code
210F0800F_STF_SPNG_BATH_CDF0800F Staff Assessment: Sponge Bath Code
211F0800G_STF_SNACK_BTWN_CDF0800G Staff Assessment: Snacks Between Code
212F0800H_STF_BED_TIME_CDF0800H Staff Assessment: Bed Time Code
213F0800I_STF_FMLY_INVLMT_CDF0800I Staff Assessment: Family Involvement Code
214F0800J_STF_PRVT_PHNE_CDF0800J Staff Assessment: Private Phone Code
215F0800K_STF_LOCK_ITM_CDF0800K Staff Assessment: Lock Item Code
216F0800L_STF_READG_AVLBL_CDF0800L Staff Assessment: Reading Materials Available Code
217F0800M_STF_MUSIC_CDF0800M Staff Assessment: Music Code
218F0800N_STF_ANML_CDF0800N Staff Assessment: Animal Presence Code
219F0800O_STF_NEWS_CDF0800O Staff Assessment: News Code
220F0800P_STF_GRP_ACTVTY_CDF0800P Staff Assessment: Group Activity Code
221F0800Q_STF_FVRT_ACTVTY_CDF0800Q Staff Assessment: Favorite Activity Code
222F0800R_STF_TIME_AWAY_NH_CDF0800R Staff Assessment: Time Away Nursing Home Code
223F0800S_STF_FRSH_AIR_CDF0800S Staff Assessment: Time Outdoors Code
224F0800T_STF_RLGN_CDF0800T Staff Assessment: Participating in Religious Activities Code
225F0800Z_STF_NO_ACTVTY_CDF0800Z Staff Assessment: None of Above Activity Code
226G0110F2_LOCOMTN_OFF_SPRT_CDG0100F2 ADL Assistance: Locomotion Off Support Provided Code
227G0110A1_BED_MBLTY_SELF_CDG0110A1 ADL Assistance: Bed Mobility Self Performance Code
228G0110A2_BED_MBLTY_SPRT_CDG0110A2 ADL Assistance: Bed Mobility Support Provided Code
229G0110B1_TRNSFR_SELF_CDG0110B1 ADL Assistance: Transfer Self Performance Code
230G0110B2_TRNSFR_SPRT_CDG0110B2 ADL Assistance: Transfer Self Support Provided Code
231G0110C1_WLK_ROOM_SELF_CDG0110C1 ADL Assistance: Walk In Room Self Performance Code
232G0110C2_WLK_ROOM_SPRT_CDG0110C2 ADL Assistance: Walk In Room Support Provided Code
233G0110D1_WLK_CRDR_SELF_CDG0110D1 ADL Assistance: Walk In Corridor Self Performance Code
234G0110D2_WLK_CRDR_SPRT_CDG0110D2 ADL Assistance: Walk In Corridor Self Support Provided Code
235G0110E1_LOCOMTN_ON_SELF_CDG0110E1 ADL Assistance: Locomotion On Self Performance Code
236G0110E2_LOCOMTN_ON_SPRT_CDG0110E2 ADL Assistance: Locomotion On Support Provided Code
237G0110F1_LOCOMTN_OFF_SELF_CDG0110F1 ADL Assistance: Locomotion Off Self Performance Code
238G0110G1_DRESS_SELF_CDG0110G1 ADL Assistance: Dress Self Performance Code
239G0110G2_DRESS_SPRT_CDG0110G2 ADL Assistance: Dress Support Provided Code
240G0110H1_EATG_SELF_CDG0110H1 ADL Assistance: Eating Self Performance Code
241G0110H2_EATG_SPRT_CDG0110H2 ADL Assistance: Eating Support Provided Code
242G0110I1_TOILTG_SELF_CDG0110I1 ADL Assistance: Toileting Self Performance Code
243G0110I2_TOILTG_SPRT_CDG0110I2 ADL Assistance: Toileting Support Provided Code
244G0110J1_PRSNL_HYGNE_SELF_CDG0110J1 ADL Assistance: Personal Hygiene Self Performance Code
245G0110J2_PRSNL_HYGNE_SPRT_CDG0110J2 ADL Assistance: Personal Hygiene Support Provided Code
246G0120A_BATHG_SELF_CDG0120A ADL Assistance: Bathing Self Performance Code
247G0120B_BATHG_SPRT_CDG0120B ADL Assistance: Bathing Support Provided Code
248G0300A_BAL_SEAT_STNDG_CDG0300A Balance During Seated to Standing Position Code
249G0300B_BAL_WLKG_CDG0300B Balance During Walking Code
250G0300C_BAL_TRNG_ARND_CDG0300C Balance When Turning Around Code
251G0300D_BAL_TOILT_CDG0300D Balance Moving On and Off Toilet Code
252G0300E_BAL_SRFC_TRNSFR_CDG0300E Balance With Surface to Surface Transfer Code
253G0400A_UPR_XTRMTY_MTN_CDG0400A Functional Limitation in ROM: Upper Extremity Motion Code
254G0400B_LWR_XTRMTY_MTN_CDG0400B Functional Limitation in ROM: Lower Extremity Motion Code
255G0600A_CANE_CDG0600A Mobility Devices: Cane Code
256G0600B_WLKR_CDG0600B Mobility Devices: Walker Code
257G0600C_WHLCHR_CDG0600C Mobility Devices: Wheelchair Code
258G0600D_LIMB_PRSTHTC_CDG0600D Mobility Devices: Limb Prosthesis Code
259G0600Z_NO_MBLTY_CDG0600Z Mobility Devices: None of Above Code
260G0900A_INCRS_INDPNDNC_CDG0900A Functional Rehabilitation Potential: Resident Increased Independence Code
261G0900B_STF_INCRS_INDPNDNC_CDG0900B Functional Rehabilitation Potential: Staff Increased Independence Code
262H0100A_INDWLG_CTHTR_CDH0100A Bladder and Bowel Appliances: Indwelling Catheter Code
263H0100B_EXTRNL_CTHTR_CDH0100B Bladder and Bowel Appliances: External Catheter Code
264H0100C_OSTMY_CDH0100C Bladder and Bowel Appliances: Ostomy Code
265H0100D_INTRMTNT_CTHTR_CDH0100D Bladder and Bowel Appliances: Intermittent Catheter Code
266H0100Z_NO_URNRY_APLNC_CDH0100Z Bladder and Bowel Appliances: No Urinary Appliance Code
267H0200A_TRIL_TOILTG_PGM_CDH0200A Urinary Toileting Program: Trial Toileting Program Code
268H0200B_RSPNS_TOILTG_PGM_CDH0200B Urinary Toileting Program: Response To Toileting Program Code
269H0200C_CRNT_TOILTG_PGM_CDH0200C Urinary Toileting Program: Current Toileting Program Code
270H0300_URNRY_CNTNC_CDH0300 Urinary Continence Code
271H0400_BWL_CNTNC_CDH0400 Bowel Continence Code (MDS)
272H0500_BWL_TOILTG_PGM_CDH0500 Bowel Toileting Program Code
273H0600_CONSTPTN_CDH0600 Constipation Code
274I0100_CNCR_CDI0100 Active Diagnoses: Cancer Code
275I0200_ANEMIA_CDI0200 Active Diagnoses: Anemia Code
276I0300_DYSRHYTHMIA_CDI0300 Active Diagnoses: Dysrhythmia Code
277I0400_CAD_CDI0400 Active Diagnoses: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Code
278I0500_DVT_CDI0500 Active Diagnoses: Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Code
279I0600_HRT_FAILR_CDI0600 Active Diagnoses: Heart Failure (CHF) Code
280I0700_HYPRTNSN_CDI0700 Active Diagnoses: Hypertension Code
281I0800_HYPOTNSN_CDI0800 Active Diagnoses: Hypotension Code
282I0900_PVD_CDI0900 Active Diagnoses: Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Code
283I1100_CRRHS_CDI1100 Active Diagnoses: Cirrhosis Code
284I1200_GERD_CDI1200 Active Diagnoses: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Code
285I1300_ULCRTV_CLTS_CDI1300 Active Diagnoses: Ulcerative Colitis Code
286I1400_BPH_CDI1400 Active Diagnoses: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Code
287I1500_ESRD_CDI1500 Active Diagnoses: End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Code
288I1550_NRGNC_BLADR_CDI1550 Active Diagnoses: Neurogenic Bladder Code
289I1650_OBSTRCT_URPTHY_CDI1650 Active Diagnoses: Obstructive Uropathy Code
290I1700_MDRO_CDI1700 Active Diagnoses: Multi-drug Resistant Drug Organism (MDRO) Code
291I2000_PNEUMO_CDI2000 Active Diagnoses: Pneumonia Code
292I2100_SPTCMIA_CDI2100 Active Diagnoses: Septicemia Code
293I2200_TB_CDI2200 Active Diagnoses: Tuberculosis Code
294I2300_UTI_CDI2300 Active Diagnoses: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Code
295I2400_VRL_HPT_CDI2400 Active Diagnoses: Viral Hepatitis Code
296I2500_WND_INFCTN_CDI2500 Wound Infection Code
297I2900_DM_CDI2900 Active Diagnoses: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) Code
298I3100_HYPONATREMIA_CDI3100 Active Diagnoses: Hyponatremia Code
299I3200_HYPERKALEMIA_CDI3200 Active Diagnoses: Hyperkalemia Code
300I3300_HYPERLIPIDMIA_CDI3300 Active Diagnoses: Hyperlipidemia Code
301I3400_THYRD_CDI3400 Active Diagnoses: Thyroid Code
302I3700_ARTHTS_CDI3700 Active Diagnoses: Arthritis Code
303I3800_OSTPRS_CDI3800 Active Diagnoses: Osteoporosis Code
304I3900_HIP_FRCTR_CDI3900 Active Diagnoses: Hip Fracture Code
305I4000_OTHR_FRCTR_CDI4000 Active Diagnoses: Other Fracture Code
306I4200_ALZHMR_CDI4200 Active Diagnoses: Alzheimers Disease Code
307I4300_APHASIA_CDI4300 Active Diagnoses: Aphasia Code
308I4400_CRBRL_PLSY_CDI4400 Active Diagnoses: Cerebral Palsy Code
309I4500_STRK_CDI4500 Active Diagnoses: Stroke (CVA or TIA or Stroke) Code
310I4800_DMNT_CDI4800 Active Diagnoses: Dementia Code
311I4900_HEMIPLG_CDI4900 Active Diagnoses: Hemiplegia Code
312I5000_PARAPLG_CDI5000 Active Diagnoses: Paraplegia Code
313I5100_QUADPLG_CDI5100 Active Diagnoses: Quadriplegia Code
314I5200_MS_CDI5200 Active Diagnoses: Multiple Sclerosis Code
315I5200_HNTGTN_CDI5250 Active Diagnoses: Huntingtons Code
316I5300_PRKNSN_CDI5300 Active Diagnoses: Parkinsons Code
317I5350_TOURT_CDI5350 Tourettes Code
318I5400_SZRE_CDI5400 Active Diagnoses: Seizure Code
319I5500_BRN_INJURY_CDI5500 Active Diagnoses: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Code
320I5600_MALNTRTN_CDI5600 Active Diagnoses: Malnutrition Code
321I5700_ANXTY_DSORDR_CDI5700 Active Diagnoses: Anxiety Disorder Code
322I5800_DPRSN_CDI5800 Active Diagnoses: Depression Code
323I5900_MNC_DPRSN_CDI5900 Active Diagnoses: Manic Depression Code
324I5950_PSYCHTC_CDI5950 Active Diagnoses: Psychotic Code
325I6000_SCHZOPRNIA_CDI6000 Active Diagnoses: Schizophrenia Code
326I6100_PTSD_CDI6100 Active Diagnoses: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Code
327I6200_ASTHMA_CDI6200 Active Diagnoses: Asthma COPD Chronic Lung Disease Code
328I6300_RSPRTRY_FAILR_CDI6300 Active Diagnoses: Respiratory Failure Code
329I6500_CTRCT_CDI6500 Active Diagnoses: Cataracts Glaucoma or Macular Degeneration Code
330I7900_NO_ACTV_DEASE_CDI7900 Active Diagnoses: No Active Disease Code
331I8000A_ICD_1_CDI8000A Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 1 Code
332I8000B_ICD_2_CDI8000B Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 2 Code
333I8000C_ICD_3_CDI8000C Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 3 Code
334I8000D_ICD_4_CDI8000D Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 4 Code
335I8000E_ICD_5_CDI8000E Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 5 Code
336I8000F_ICD_6_CDI8000F Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 6 Code
337I8000G_ICD_7_CDI8000G Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 7 Code
338I8000H_ICD_8_CDI8000H Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 8 Code
339I8000I_ICD_9_CDI8000I Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 9 Code
340I8000J_ICD_10_CDI8000J Additional Active Diagnoses: ICD 10 Code
341J0100A_SCHLD_PAIN_MDCTN_CDJ0100A Pain management: Scheduled Pain Medication Code
342J0100B_PRN_PAIN_MDCTN_CDJ0100B Pain management: PRN Pain Medication Code
343J0100C_OTHR_PAIN_INTRVTN_CDJ0100C Pain management: Other Pain Intervention Code
344J0200_CNDCT_PAIN_ASMT_CDJ0200 Should Pain Assessment be Conducted Code
345J0300_PAIN_CDJ0300 Pain Assessment Interview: Pain Presence Code
346J0400_PAIN_FREQ_CDJ0400 Pain Assessment Interview: Pain Frequency Code
347J0500A_PAIN_EFCT_SLEEP_CDJ0500A Pain Assessment Interview: Pain Effect Sleep Code
348J0500B_PAIN_EFCT_ACTVTY_CDJ0500B Pain Assessment Interview: Pain Effect Activity Code
349J0600A_PAIN_INTNSTY_NUMJ0600A Pain Intensity Numeric Rating Scale Number
350J0600B_VRBL_DSCRPTR_SCALE_NUMJ0600B Pain Intensity Verbal Descriptor Scale Number
351J0700_STF_CNDCT_PAIN_ASMT_CDJ0700 Staff Conduct Pain Assessment Code
352J0800A_NVRBL_SND_CDJ0800A Staff Assessment for Pain: Nonverbal Sound Code
353J0800B_VCL_CMPLNT_CDJ0800B Staff Assessment for Pain: Vocal Complaint Code
354J0800C_FACE_EXPRSN_CDJ0800C Staff Assessment for Pain: Facial Expression Code
355J0800D_PRTCTV_MVMT_CDJ0800D Staff Assessment for Pain: Protective Movement Code
356J0800Z_NO_SGN_PAIN_CDJ0800Z Staff Assessment for Pain: None of Above Signs of Pain Code
357J0850_STF_PAIN_FREQ_CDJ0850 Staff Frequency of Indicator of Pain or Possible Pain Frequency Code
358J1100A_SOB_EXRTN_CDJ1100A Shortness of Breath With Exertion Code
359J1100B_SOB_SITG_CDJ1100B Shortness of Breath When Sitting Code
360J1100C_SOB_LYG_CDJ1100C Shortness of Breath When Lying Flat Code
361J1100Z_NO_SOB_CDJ1100Z None of Above Shortness of Breath Code
362J1300_TOBCO_CDJ1300 Tobacco Use Code
363J1400_LIFE_PRGNS_CDJ1400 Life Prognosis Less Than Six Months Code
364J1550A_FVR_CDJ1550A Problem Conditions: Fever Code
365J1550B_VMTG_CDJ1550B Problem Conditions: Vomiting Code
366J1550C_DHYDRT_CDJ1550C Problem Conditions: Dehydration Code
367J1550D_INTRNL_BLEDG_CDJ1550D Problem Conditions: Internal Bleeding Code
368J1550Z_NO_PRBLM_COND_CDJ1550Z Problem Conditions: None of Above Code
369J1700A_FALL_30_DAY_CDJ1700A Fall History on Admission: Fall 30 Day Code
370J1700B_FALL_31_180_DAY_CDJ1700B Fall History on Admission: Fall 31-180 Day Code
371J1700C_FRCTR_SIX_MO_CDJ1700C Fall History on Admission: Fall Six Month Code
372J1800_FALL_LAST_ASMT_CDJ1800 Falls Since Admission or Prior Assessment Code
373J1900A_FALL_NO_INJURY_CDJ1900A Number of Falls Since Admission or Prior Assessment With No Injury Code
374J1900B_FALL_INJURY_CDJ1900B Number of Falls Since Admission or Prior Assessment With Injury Except Major Code
375J1900C_FALL_MAJ_INJURY_CDJ1900C Number of Falls Since Admission or Prior Assessment With Major Injury Code
376K0100A_LOSS_MOUTH_EATG_CDK0100A Swallowing Disorder: Loss Mouth Eating Code
377K0100B_HLD_FOOD_MOUTH_CDK0100B Swallowing Disorder: Hold Food Mouth Code
378K0100C_CHOK_DRNG_MEAL_CDK0100C Swallowing Disorder: Choke Drinking Meal Code
379K0100D_CMPLNT_SWLWG_CDK0100D Swallowing Disorder: Complaint Swallowing Code
380K0100Z_NO_SWLWG_CDK0100Z Swallowing Disorder: None of Above Code
381K0200A_HGT_NUMK0200A Height Number
382K0200B_WT_NUMK0200B Weight Number
383K0300_WT_LOSS_CDK0300 Weight Loss Code
636K0310_WT_GAIN_CDK0310 Weight Gain Code
384K0500A_PEN_CDK0500A Nutritional Approaches: Parenteral/IV Feeding Code
385K0500B_FEEDG_TUBE_CDK0500B Nutritional Approaches: Feeding Tube Code
386K0500C_ALTR_FOOD_CDK0500C Nutritional Approaches: Mechanically Altered Diet Code
387K0500D_THRPTC_DIET_CDK0500D Nutritional Approaches: Therapeutic Diet Code
388K0500Z_NO_FEEDG_CDK0500Z Nutritional Approaches: None of Above Code
637K0510A1_PEN_PRIOR_CDK0510A1 Nutritional Approaches: Prior Parenteral/IV Feeding Code
638K0510A2_PEN_POST_CDK0510A2 Nutritional Approaches: Post Parenteral/IV
639K0510B1_FEEDG_TUBE_PRIOR_CDK0510B1 Nutritional Approaches: Prior Feeding Tube Code
640K0510B2_FEEDG_TUBE_POST_CDK0510B2 Nutritional Approaches: Post Feeding Tube Code
641K0510C1_ALTR_FOOD_PRIOR_CDK0510C1 Nutritional Approaches: Prior Mechanically Altered Diet Code
642K0510C2_ALTR_FOOD_POST_CDK0510C2 Nutritional Approaches: Post Mechanically Altered Diet Code
643K0510D1_THRPTC_DIET_PRIOR_CDK0510D1 Nutritional Approaches: Prior Therapeutic Diet Code
644K0510D2_THRPTC_DIET_POST_CDK0510D2 Nutritional Approaches: Post Therapeutic Diet Code
645K0510Z1_NO_FEEDG_PRIOR_CDK0510Z1 Nutritional Approaches: Prior None of Above Code
646K0510Z2_NO_FEEDG_POST_CDK0510Z2 Nutritional Approaches: Post None of Above Code
389K0700A_CAL_PEN_CDK0700A Percent Caloric Intake Through Parenteral/Tube Feeding Code
390K0700B_IV_TUBE_DAILY_CDK0700B Average Fluid Intake by IV Or Tube Feeding Code
647K0710A1_CAL_PRNTRL_PRIOR_CDK0710A1 Percent Caloric Intake Through Parenteral/Tube Feeding While Not a Resident Code
648K0710A2_CAL_PRNTRL_PST_CDK0710A2 Percent Caloric Intake Through Parenteral/Tube Feeding While a Resident Code
649K0710A3_CAL_PRNTRL_7_DAY_CDK0710A3 Percent Caloric Intake Through Parenteral/Tube Feeding During the Entire Seven Days.
650K0710B1_IV_TUBE_DAILY_PRIOR_CDK0710B1 Average Fluid Intake per Day by IV or Tube Feeding While Not a Resident
651K0710B2_IV_TUBE_DAILY_PST_CDK0710B2 Average Fluid Intake per Day by IV or Tube Feeding While a Resident
652K0710B3_IV_TUBE_DAILY_7_DAY_CDK0710B3 Average Fluid Intake per Day by IV or Tube Feeding During the Entire Seven Days
391L0200A_BRKN_DNTR_CDL0200A Dental Status: Broken Denture Code
392L0200B_NO_TEETH_CDL0200B Dental Status: No Teeth Code
393L0200C_ABNRML_MOUTH_TISUE_CDL0200C Dental Status: Abnormal Mouth Tissue Code
394L0200D_CVTY_CDL0200D Dental Status: Cavity Code
395L0200E_INFLMD_GUM_CDL0200E Dental Status: Inflamed Gum Code
396L0200F_MOUTH_PAIN_CDL0200F Dental Status: Mouth or Facial Pain Code
397L0200G_DNTL_UNK_CDL0200G Dental Status: Unable to Examine Code
398L0200Z_NO_DNTL_CDL0200Z Dental Status: None of Above Code
399M0100A_RISK_VSBL_CDM0100A Determination of Pressure Ulcer Risk: Ulcer Visible Code
400M0100B_RISK_FRML_ASMT_CDM0100B Determination of Pressure Ulcer Risk: Formal Assessment/Instrument Code
401M0100C_RISK_CLNCL_JDGMNT_CDM0100C Determination of Pressure Ulcer Risk: Clinical Assessment Code
402M0100Z_NO_RISK_DTMNTN_CDM0100Z Determination of Pressure Ulcer Risk: None of Above
403M0150_PRSR_ULCR_RISK_CDM0150 Pressure Ulcer Risk Code
404M0210_STG_1_HGHR_ULCR_CDM0210 One or More Stage 1 or Higher Unhealed Pressure Ulcer Code
405M0300A_STG_1_ULCR_NUMM0300A Stage 1 Pressure Ulcer Number
406M0300B1_STG_2_ULCR_NUMM0300B1 Stage 2 Pressure Ulcer Number
407M0300B2_STG_2_ULCR_ADMSN_NUMM0300B2 Stage 2 Pressure Ulcer Present on Admission Number
408M0300B3_STG_2_ULCR_OLD_DTM0300B3 Date of Oldest Stage 2 Pressure Ulcer
409M0300C1_STG_3_ULCR_NUMM0300C1 Stage 3 Pressure Ulcer Number
410M0300C2_STG_3_ULCR_ADMSN_NUMM0300C2 Stage 3 Pressure Ulcer Present on Admission Number
411M0300D1_STG_4_ULCR_NUMM0300D1 Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer Number
412M0300D2_STG_4_ULCR_ADMSN_NUMM0300D2 Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer Present on Admission Number
413M0300E1_UNSTGBL_ULCR_DRSNG_NUMM0300E1 Unstageable Pressure Ulcer Due To Dressing Number
414M0300E2_U_ULCR_DRSNG_ADMSN_NUMM0300E2 Unstageable Pressure Ulcer Due To Dressing on Admission Number
415M0300F1_UNSTGBL_ULCR_ESC_NUMM0300F1 Unstageable Pressure Ulcer With Slough or Eschar Number
416M0300F2_U_ULCR_ESC_ADMSN_NUMM0300F2 Unstageable Pressure Ulcer With Slough or Eschar on Admission Number
417M0300G1_UNSTGBL_ULCR_DEEP_NUMM0300G1 Unstageable Pressure Ulcer With Deep Tissue Injury Number
418M0300G2_U_ULCR_DEEP_ADMSN_NUMM0300G2 Unstageable Pressure Ulcer With Deep Tissue Injury on Admission Number
419M0610A_STG_3_4_ULCR_LNGTH_NUMM0610A Unhealed Stage 3-4 Pressure Ulcer Length Number
420M0610B_STG_3_4_ULCR_WDTH_NUMM0610B Unhealed Stage 3-4 Pressure Ulcer Width Number
421M0610C_STG_3_4_ULCR_DPTH_NUMM0610C Unhealed Stage 3-4 Pressure Ulcer Depth Number
422M0700_ULCR_TISUE_TYPE_CD M0700 Most Severe Pressure Ulcer Tissue Type CodeM0700 Most Severe Pressure Ulcer Tissue Type Code
423M0800A_WRSNG_STG_2_ULCR_NUMM0800A Worsening Stage 2 Pressure Ulcer Since Prior Assessment Number
424M0800B_WRSNG_STG_3_ULCR_NUMM0800B Worsening Stage 3 Pressure Ulcer Since Prior Assessment Number
425M0800C_WRSNG_STG_4_ULCR_NUMM0800C Worsening Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer Since Prior Assessment Number
426M0900A_PRSR_ULCR_PRIOR_CDM0900A Healed Pressure Ulcer Present on Prior Assessment Code
427M0900B_HEALD_STG_2_ULCR_NUMM0900B Healed Stage 2 Pressure Ulcer Number
428M0900C_HEALD_STG_3_ULCR_NUMM0900C Healed Stage 3 Pressure Ulcer Number
429M0900D_HEALD_STG_4_ULCR_NUMM0900D Healed Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer Number
430M1030_ARTRL_ULCR_NUMM1030 Venous and Arterial Ulcer Number
431M1040A_FT_INFCTN_CDM1040A Other Foot Skin Problems: Foot Infection Code
432M1040B_DBTC_FT_ULCR_CDM1040B Other Foot Skin Problems: Diabetic Foot Ulcer Code
433M1040C_OTHR_LSN_FT_CDM1040C Other Foot Skin Problems: Other Open Lesion on Foot Code
434M1040D_OPEN_LSN_CDM1040D Other Skin Problems: Open Lesions Other Than Ulcers Rashes Cuts Code
435M1040E_SRGCL_WND_CDM1040E Other Skin Problems: Surgical Wound(s) Code
436M1040F_BRN_CDM1040F Other Skin Problems: Burn(s) Code
653M1040G_SKIN_TEAR_CDM1040G Other Skin Problems: Skin Tear(s)
654M1040H_MASD_CDM1040H Other Skin Problems: Moisture Associated Skin Damage
437M1040Z_NO_OTHR_SKIN_PRBLM_CDM1040Z Other Skin Problems: None of Above Code
438M1200A_PRSR_RDC_CHR_CDM1200A Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Pressure Reducing Device in Chair Code
439M1200B_PRSR_RDC_BED_CDM1200B Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Pressure Reducing Device in Bed Code
440M1200C_TRNG_PGM_CDM1200C Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Turning/Repositioning Program Code
441M1200D_HYDRTN_CDM1200D Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Nutrition/Hydration Code
442M1200E_ULCR_CARE_CDM1200E Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Ulcer Care Code
443M1200F_SRGCL_WND_CARE_CDM1200F Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Surgical Wound Care Code
444M1200G_APLCTN_DRSNG_CDM1200G Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Application Nonsurgical Dressing Code
445M1200H_APLCTN_ONTMNT_CDM1200H Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Application Ointments/Medications Code
446M1200I_APLCTN_DRSNG_FOOT_CDM1200I Skin and Ulcer Treatments: Application Dressings to Foot Code
447M1200Z_NO_SKIN_TRMNT_CDM1200Z Skin and Ulcer Treatments: None of Above Code
448N0300_INJCT_MDCTN_DAY_NUMN0300 Number of Days Injections of Any Type
449N0350A_INSLN_INJCT_DAY_NUMN0350A Number of Days Insulin Injections
450N0350B_INSLN_ORDR_DAY_NUMN0350B Number of Days Insulin Orders Changed
451N0400A_ANTIPSYCHTC_CDN0400A Medications Received: Antipsychotic Code
452N0400B_ANTINXTY_CDN0400B Medications Received: Antianxiety Code
453N0400C_ANTIDPRSNT_CDN0400C Medications Received: Antidepressant Code
454N0400D_HPNTC_CDN0400D Medications Received: Hypnotic Code
455N0400E_ANTICOAGLNT_CDN0400E Medications Received: Anticoagulant Code
456N0400F_ANTBTC_CDN0400F Medications Received: Antibiotic Code
457N0400G_DRTC_CDN0400G Medications Received: Diuretic Code
458N0400Z_NO_MDCTN_RCVD_CDN0400Z Medications Received: None of Above
655N0410A_ANTIPSYCHTC_DAY_NUMN0410A Medications Received: Antipsychotic Number Days
656N0410B_ANTINXTY_DAY_NUMN0410B Medications Received: Antianxiety Number Days
657N0410C_ANTIDPRSNT_DAY_NUMN0410C Medications Received: Antidepressant Number Days
658N0410D_HPNTC_DAY_NUMN0410D Medications Received: Hypnotic Number Days
659N0410E_ANTICOAGLNT_DAY_NUMN0410E Medications Received: Anticoagulant Number Days
660N0410F_ANTBTC_DAY_NUMN0410F Medications Received: Antibiotic Number Days
661N0410G_DRTC_DAY_NUMN0410G Medications Received: Diuretic Number Days
459O0100A1_CHMTHRPY_PRIOR_CDO0100A1 Special Treatments/Programs: Chemotherapy Pre-admit Code
460O0100A2_CHMTHRPY_POST_CDO0100A2 Special Treatments/Programs: Chemotherapy Post-admit Code
461O0100B1_RDTN_PRIOR_CDO0100B1 Special Treatments/Programs: Radiation Pre-admit Code
462O0100B2_RDTN_POST_CDO0100B2 Special Treatments/Programs: Radiation Post-admit Code
463O0100C1_OXGN_PRIOR_CDO0100C1 Special Treatments/Programs: Oxygen Pre-admit Code
464O0100C2_OXGN_POST_CDO0100C2 Special Treatments/Programs: Oxygen Post-admit Code
465O0100D1_SCTNG_PRIOR_CDO0100D1 Special Treatments/Programs: Suctioning Pre-admit Code
466O0100D2_SCTNG_POST_CDO0100D2 Special Treatments/Programs: Suctioning Post-admit Code
467O0100E1_TRCHOSTMY_PRIOR_CDO0100E1 Special Treatments/Programs: Tracheostomy Pre-admit Code
468O0100E2_TRCHOSTMY_POST_CDO0100E2 Special Treatments/Programs: Tracheostomy Post-admit Code
469O0100F1_VNTLTR_PRIOR_CDO0100F1 Special Treatments/Programs: Ventilator Pre-admit Code
470O0100F2_VNTLTR_POST_CDO0100F2 Special Treatments/Programs: Ventilator Post-admit Code
471O0100G1_CPAP_PRIOR_CDO0100G1 Special Treatments/Programs: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Pre-admit Code
472O0100G2_CPAP_POST_CDO0100G2 Special Treatments/Programs: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Post-admit Code
473O0100H1_IV_MDCTN_PRIOR_CDO0100H1 Special Treatments/Programs: Intravenous Medication Pre-admit Code
474O0100H2_IV_MDCTN_POST_CDO0100H2 Special Treatments/Programs: Intravenous Medication Post-admit Code
475O0100I1_TRNSFSN_PRIOR_CDO0100I1 Special Treatments/Programs: Transfusion Pre-admit Code
476O0100I2_TRNSFSN_POST_CDO0100I2 Special Treatments/Programs: Transfusion Post-admit Code
477O0100J1_DLYS_PRIOR_CDO0100J1 Special Treatments/Programs: Dialysis Pre-admit Code
478O0100J2_DLYS_POST_CDO0100J2 Special Treatments/Programs: Dialysis Post-admit Code
479O0100K1_HOSPC_PRIOR_CDO0100K1 Special Treatments/Programs: Hospice Pre-admit Code
480O0100K2_HOSPC_POST_CDO0100K2 Special Treatments/Programs: Hospice Post-admit Code
481O0100L2_RESP_POST_CDO0100L2 Special Treatments/Programs: Respite Post-admit Code
482O0100M1_ISLTN_PRIOR_CDO0100M1 Special Treatments/Programs: Isolation Pre-admit Code
483O0100M2_ISLTN_POST_CDO0100M2 Special Treatments/Programs: Isolation Post-admit Code
484O0100Z1_NO_TRTMT_PRIOR_CDO0100Z1 Special Treatments/Programs: None of Above Pre-admit Treatment Prior Code
485O0100Z2_NO_TRTMT_POST_CDO0100Z2 Special Treatments/Programs: None of Above Treatment Post-admit Code
486O0250A_INFLNZ_RCVD_CDO0250A Influenza Received Code (MDS)
487O0250B_INFLNZ_RCVD_DTO0250B Influenza Received Date
488O0250C_RSN_INFLNZ_NOT_RCV_CDO0250C Reason Influenza Not Received Code (MDS)
489O0300A_PPV_CDO0300A Pneumococcal Vaccination Code
490O0300B_RSN_PPV_NOT_RCVD_CDO0300B Reason Pneumococcal Vaccination Not Received Code
491O0400A1_SPCH_THRPY_IND_MIN_NUMO0400A1 Speech Therapy/Audiology Individual Minutes Number
492O0400A2_SPCH_THRPY_CNC_MIN_NUMO0400A2 Speech Therapy/Audiology Concurrent Minutes Number
493O0400A3_SPCH_THRPY_GRP_MIN_NUMO0400A3 Speech Therapy/Audiology Group Minutes Number
662O0400A3A_ST_TRTMT_MINUTE_NUMO0400A3A Therapy/Audiology Co-Treatment Minutes Number
494O0400A4_SPCH_THRPY_DAY_NUMO0400A4 Number of Days Speech Therapy/Audiology Administered
495O0400A5_SPCH_THRPY_STRT_DTO0400A5 Speech Therapy/Audiology Start Date
496O0400A6_SPCH_THRPY_END_DTO0400A6 Speech Therapy/Audiology End Date
497O0400B1_OT_INDVDL_MIN_NUMO0400B1 Occupational Therapy Individual Minutes Number
498O0400B2_OT_CNCRNT_MIN_NUMO0400B2 Occupational Therapy Concurrent Minutes Number
499O0400B3_OT_GRP_MIN_NUMO0400B3 Occupational Therapy Group Minutes Number
663O0400B3A_OT_TRTMT_MINUTE_NUMO0400B3A Occupational Therapy Co-Treatment Minutes Number
500O0400B4_OT_DAY_NUMO0400B4 Number of Days Occupational Therapy Administered
501O0400B5_OT_STRT_DTO0400B5 Occupational Therapy Start Date
502O0400B6_OT_END_DTO0400B6 Occupational Therapy End Date
503O0400C1_PT_INDVDL_MIN_NUMO0400C1 Physical Therapy Individual Minutes Number
504O0400C2_PT_CNCRNT_MIN_NUMO0400C2 Physical Therapy Concurrent Minutes Number
505O0400C3_PT_GRP_MIN_NUMO0400C3 Physical Therapy Group Minutes Number
664O0400C3A_PT-CO-TRTMT_MIN_NUMO0400C3A Physical Therapy Co-Treatment Minutes Number
506O0400C4_PT_DAY_NUMO0400C4 Number of Days Physical Therapy Administered
507O0400C5_PT_STRT_DTO0400C5 Physical Therapy Start Date
508O0400C6_PT_END_DTO0400C6 Physical Therapy End Date
509O0400D1_RT_MIN_NUMO0400D1 Respiratory Therapy Minutes Number
510O0400D2_RT_DAY_NUMO0400D2 Number of Days Respiratory Therapy Administered
511O0400E1_PSYCH_THRPY_MIN_NUMO0400E1 Psychological Therapy Minutes Number
512O0400E2_PSYCH_THRPY_DAY_NUMO0400E2 Number of Days Psychological Therapy Administered
513O0400F1_RCRTNL_THRPY_MIN_NUMO0400F1 Recreational Therapy Minutes Number
514O0400F2_RCRTNL_THRPY_DAY_NUMO0400F2 Number of Days Recreational Therapy Administered
665O0420_DSTNCT_THRPY_DAY_NUMO0420 Number of Distinct Calendar Days of Therapy Administered
666O0420_DSTNCT_THRPY_DAY_NUMO0450A Has Therapy Resumed Code
667O0450B_RSMPTN_THRPY_DTO0450B Date Therapy Resumed
515O0500A_PSV_ROM_NUMO0500A Restorative Nursing: Passive Range of Motion Number
516O0500B_ACTV_ROM_NUMO0500B Restorative Nursing: Active Range of Motion Number
517O0500C_BRC_ASTNC_NUMO0500C Restorative Nursing: Splint/Brace Assistance Number
518O0500D_BED_MBLTY_TRNG_NUMO0500D Restorative Nursing: Bed Mobility Training Number
519O0500E_TRNSFR_TRNG_NUMO0500E Restorative Nursing: Transfer Training Number
520O0500F_WLKG_TRNG_NUMO0500F Restorative Nursing: Walking Training Number
521O0500G_DRSG_TRNG_NUMO0500G Restorative Nursing: Dressing/Grooming Training Number
522O0500H_EATG_TRNG_NUMO0500H Restorative Nursing: Eating/Swallowing Training Number
523O0500I_AMPUTTN_TRNG_NUMO0500I Restorative Nursing: Amputation/Prosthesis Care Training Number
524O0500J_COMMUN_TRNG_NUMO0500J Restorative Nursing: Communication Training Number
525O0600_PHYSN_EXMN_NUMO0600 Physician Examination Day Number
526O0700_PHYSN_ORDR_NUMO0700 Physician Order Day Number
527P0100A_BED_RAIL_CDP0100A Physical Restraints in Bed: Bed Rail Code
528P0100B_TRNK_RSTRNT_BED_CDP0100B Physical Restraints in Bed: Trunk Restraint Bed Code
529P0100C_LMB_RSTRNT_BED_CDP0100C Physical Restraints in Bed: Limb Restraint Bed Code
530P0100D_OTHR_RSTRNT_BED_CDP0100D Physical Restraints in Bed: Other Restraint Bed Code
531P0100E_TRNK_RSTRNT_CHR_CDP0100E Physical Restraints in Chair: Trunk Restraint Chair Code
532P0100F_LMB_RSTRNT_CHR_CDP0100F Physical Restraints in Chair: Limb Restraint Chair Code
533P0100G_CHR_PRVNT_RISE_CDP0100G Physical Restraints in Chair: Chair Prevent Rise Code
534P0100H_OTHR_RSTRNT_CHR_CDP0100H Physical Restraints in Chair: Other Restraint Chair Code
535Q0100A_RSDNT_PRTCPTN_CDQ0100A Resident Participation in Assessment Code
536Q0100B_FMLY_PRTCPTN_CDQ0100B Family Participation in Assessment Code
537Q0100C_GRDN_PRTCPTN_CDQ0100C Guardian Participation in Assessment Code
538Q0300A_RSDNT_GOAL_CDQ0300A Resident Overall Goal Code
539Q0300B_GOAL_SRC_CDQ0300B Overall Goal Source Code
540Q0400A_DSCHRG_PLN_CDQ0400A Discharge Plan Code
541Q0400B_DSCHRG_DTRMNTN_CDQ0400B Discharge Determination Code
668Q0490_PREFNC_AVOID_ASK_CDQ0490 Residents Preference Answering Q0500B Code
542Q0500A_RSDNT_RTRN_CMNTY_CDQ0500A Has Resident Been Asked About Return To Community Code
543Q0500B_STF_ASK_RTRN_CMNTY_CDQ0500B Staff Asked Resident or Family About Return To Community Code
669Q0550A_PREFNC_REASK_CDQ0550A Preference In Answering Q0550B Code
670Q0550B_SRC_REASK_CDQ0550B Source Answering Q0550A Code
544Q0600_LCA_RFRL_CDQ0600 Local Contact Agency Referral Code
545V0100A_PRIOR_FED_OBRA_CDV0100A Prior Assessment Federal OBRA Reason for Assessment Code
546V0100B_PRIOR_PPS_CDV0100B Prior Assessment PPS Reason for Assessment Code
547V0100C_PRIOR_ASMT_RFRNC_DTV0100C Prior Assessment Reference Date
548V0100D_PRIOR_BIMS_SCRE_NUMV0100D Prior Assessment Brief Interview for Mental Status (BIMS) Summary Score Number
549V0100E_PRIOR_MOOD_SCRE_NUMV0100E Prior Assessment Resident Mood Interview (PHQ-9) Total Severity Score Number
550V0200A01A_DLRM_CTR_CDV0200A01A Delirium Care Area Trigger Code
551V0200A01B_DLRM_CPL_CDV0200A01B Delirium Addressed in Care Plan Code
552V0200A02A_DMNT_CTR_CDV0200A02A Dementia Care Area Trigger Code
553V0200A02B_DMNT_CPL_CDV0200A02B Dementia Addressed in Care Plan Code
554V0200A03A_VISL_FUNC_CTR_CDV0200A03A Visual Function Care Area Trigger Code
555V0200A03B_VISL_FUNC_CPL_CDV0200A03B Visual Function Addressed in Care Plan Code
556V0200A04A_COMMUN_CTR_CDV0200A04A Communication Care Area Trigger Code
557V0200A04B_COMMUN_CPL_CDV0200A04B Communication Addressed in Care Plan Code
558V0200A05A_ADL_CTR_CDV0200A05A ADL Care Area Trigger Code
559V0200A05B_ADL_CPL_CDV0200A05B ADL Addressed in Care Plan Code
560V0200A06A_URNRY_CTR_CDV0200A06A Urinary Care Area Trigger Code
561V0200A06B_URNRY_CPL_CDV0200A06B Urinary Addressed in Care Plan Code
562V0200A07A_PSYCHSOC_CTR_CDV0200A07A Psychosocial Care Area Trigger Code
563V0200A07B_PSYCHSOC_CPL_CDV0200A07B Psychosocial Addressed in Care Plan Code
564V0200A08A_MOOD_CTR_CDV0200A08A Mood Care Area Trigger Code
565V0200A08B_MOOD_CPL_CDV0200A08B Mood Addressed in Care Plan Code
566V0200A09A_BHVRL_CTR_CDV0200A09A Behavioral Care Area Trigger Code
567V0200A09B_BHVRL_CPL_CDV0200A09B Behavioral Addressed in Care Plan Code
568V0200A10A_ACTVTY_CTR_CDV0200A10A Activity Care Area Trigger Code
569V0200A10B_ACTVTY_CPL_CDV0200A10B Activity Addressed in Care Plan Code
570V0200A11A_FALL_CTR_CDV0200A11A Fall Care Area Trigger Code
571V0200A11B_FALL_CPL_CDV0200A11B Fall Addressed in Care Plan Code
572V0200A12A_NTRNT_CTR_CDV0200A12A Nutritional Care Area Trigger Code
573V0200A12B_NTRNT_CPL_CDV0200A12B Nutritional Addressed in Care Plan Code
574V0200A13A_FEEDG_TUBE_CTR_CDV0200A13A Feeding Tube Care Area Trigger Code
575V0200A13B_FEEDG_TUBE_CPL_CDV0200A13B Feeding Tube Addressed in Care Plan Code
576V0200A14A_DHYDRTN_CTR_CDV0200A14A Dehydration Care Area Trigger Code
577V0200A14B_DHYDRTN_CPL_CDV0200A14B Dehydration Addressed in Care Plan Code
578V0200A15A_DNTL_CTR_CDV0200A15A Dental Care Area Trigger Code
579V0200A15B_DNTL_CPL_CDV0200A15B Dental Addressed in Care Plan Code
580V0200A16A_PRSR_ULCR_CTR_CDV0200A16A Pressure Ulcer Care Area Trigger Code
581V0200A16B_PRSR_ULCR_CPL_CDV0200A16B Pressure Ulcer Addressed in Care Plan Code
582V0200A17A_PSYCH_DRUG_CTR_CDV0200A17A Psychotropic Drug Care Area Trigger Code
583V0200A17B_PSYCH_DRUG_CPL_CDV0200A17B Psychotropic Drug Addressed in Care Plan Code
584V0200A18A_RSTRNT_CTR_CDV0200A18A Restraint Care Area Trigger Code
585V0200A18B_RSTRNT_CPL_CDV0200A18B Restraint Addressed in Care Plan Code
586V0200A19A_PAIN_CTR_CDV0200A19A Pain Care Area Trigger Code
587V0200A19B_PAIN_CPL_CDV0200A19B Pain Addressed in Care Plan Code
588V0200A20A_RTN_CMNTY_CTR_CDV0200A20A Return to Community Care Area Trigger Code
589V0200A20B_RTN_CMNTY_CPL_CDV0200A20B Return to Community Addressed in Care Plan Code
590V0200B2_CAT_DTV0200B2 Care Area Assessment Completion Date
591V0200C2_CARE_PLN_DTV0200C2 Care Plan Completion Date
592X0100_TRANS_TYPE_CDX0100 Type of Record Code
593X0150_CRCTN_PRVDR_TYPE_CDX0150 Correction Provider Type Code
594X0200A_CRCTN_FIRST_NAMEX0200A Correction Resident First Name
595X0200C_CRCTN_LAST_NAMEX0200C Correction Resident Last Name
596X0300_CRCTN_GNDR_CDX0300 Correction Gender Code
597X0400_CRCTN_BIRTH_DTX0400 Correction Birth Date
598X0500_CRCTN_SSN_NUMX0500 Correction Social Security Number
599X0600A_CRCTN_FED_OBRA_CDX0600A Correction Federal OBRA Reason for Assessment Code
600X0600B_CRCTN_PPS_CDX0600B Correction PPS Reason for Assessment Code
601X0600C_CRCTN_PPS_OMRA_CDX0600C PPS Other Medicare Required Assessment (OMRA) Code
602X0600D_CRCTN_SB_CLNCL_CHG_CDX0600D Correction Swing Bed Clinical Change Code
603X0600F_CRCTN_ENTRY_DSCHRG_CDX0600F Correction Entry/Discharge Code
604X0700A_CRCTN_ASMT_RFRNC_DTX0700A Correction Assessment Reference Date
605X0700B_CRCTN_DSCHRG_DTX0700B Correction Discharge Date
606X0700C_CRCTN_ENTRY_DTX0700C Correction Entry Date
607X0800_CRCTN_NUMX0800 Correction Number
608X0900A_MDFCTN_TRNSCRPT_ERR_CDX0900A Reason for Modification: Transcription Error Code
609X0900B_MDFCTN_ENTRY_ERR_CDX0900B Reason for Modification: Data Entry Error Code
610X0900C_MDFCTN_SFTWR_ERR_CDX0900C Reason for Modification: Software Product Error Code
611X0900D_MDFCTN_ITM_ERR_CDX0900D Reason for Modification: Item Coding Error Code
671X0900E_MDFCTN_ADD_THRPY_DTX0900E Reason for Modification: Add Resume Therapy Date
612X0900Z_MDFCTN_OTHR_CDX0900Z Reason for Modification: Other Error Requiring Modification Code
613X1050A_INACTV_NO_EVNT_CDX1050A Reason for Inactivation: Event Did Not Occur Code
614X1050Z_INACTV_OTHR_CDX1050B Reason for Inactivation: Other Error Requiring Inactivation Code
615X1100A_ATSTR_FIRST_NAMEX1100A Attesting Individuals First Name
616X1100B_ATSTR_LAST_NAMEX1100B Attesting Individuals Last Name
617X1100E_ATSTN_DTX1100E Attestation Date
618Z0100A_MDCR_HIPPS_TXTZ0100A Medicare Part A HIPPS Code Text
619Z0100B_MDCR_RUG_VRSN_TXTZ0100B Medicare Part A RUG Version Text
620Z0100C_MDCR_SHRT_STAY_CDZ0100C Medicare Part A Short Stay Assessment Code
621Z0150A_MDCR_NTHRPY_HIPPS_TXTZ0150A Medicare Part A Non-therapy HIPPS Code Text
622Z0150B_MDCR_NTHRPY_RUGVRSN_TXTZ0150B Medicare Non-therapy Part A RUG Version Text
623Z0200A_STATE_RUG_GRP_TXTZ0200A State Medicaid RUG Case Mix Group Text
624Z0200B_STATE_RUG_VRSN_TXTZ0200B State Medicaid RUG Version Text
625Z0250A_STATE_2_RUG_GRP_TXTZ0250A Alternate State Medicaid RUG Case Mix Group Text
626Z0250B_STATE_2_RUG_VRSN_TXTZ0250B Alternate State Medicaid RUG Version Text
627Z0500B_RN_SGN_CMPLT_DTZ0500B Date RN Assessment Coordinator Signed Assessment as Complete
673SFTWR_VNDR_NAMESoftware Vendor Name (MDS)
674STATE_EXTRCT_FIL_IDState Extract File Identifier
675A0310H_PTA_DSCHRG_ASMT_INDA0310H SNF PPS Part A Discharge Assessment
676C1310A_MENTL_STUS_CHG_INDC1310A Acute Mental Status Change
677C1310B_INTNTN_INDC1310B Signs and Symptoms of Delirium: Inattention
678C1310C_DSRGNZD_THKNG_INDC1310C Signs and Symptoms of Delirium: Disorganized Thinking
679C1310D_LVL_OF_CNSCSNS_INDC1310D Signs and Symptoms of Delirium: Altered Level of Consciousness
680GG0130A1_EATG_ABILITY_STRT_CDGG0130A1 Self Care: Eating Ability at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
681GG0130A2_EATG_GOAL_BY_END_CDGG0130A2 Self Care: Eating Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
682GG0130A3_EATG_ABILITY_END_CDGG0130A3 Self Care: Eating Ability at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
683GG0130B1_ORAL_ABILITY_STRT_CDGG0130B1 Self Care: Oral Hygiene Ability at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
684GG0130B2_ORAL_GOAL_BY_END_CDGG0130B2 Self Care: Oral Hygiene Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
685GG0130B3_ORAL_ABILITY_END_CDGG0130B3 Self Care: Oral Hygiene Ability at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
686GG0130C1_TOILT_ABILITY_STRT_CDGG0130C1 Self Care: Toileting Hygiene Ability at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
687GG0130C2_TOILT_GOAL_BY_END_CDGG0130C2 Self Care: Toileting Hygiene Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
688GG0130C3_TOILT_ABILITY_END_CDGG0130C3 Self Care: Toileting Hygiene Ability at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
689GG0170B1_SIT_LYNG_STRT_CDGG0170B1 Mobility: Sit to Lying Ability at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
690GG0170B2_SIT_LYNG_GOAL_END_CDGG0170B2 Mobility: Sit to Lying Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
691GG0170B3_SIT_LYNG_END_CDGG0170B3 Mobility: Sit to Lying Ability at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
692GG0170C1_STTG_BED_SIDE_STRT_CDLying to Sitting at Side of Bed Ability at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
693GG0170C2_STTG_BED_SIDE_GOAL_CDLying to Sitting at Side of Bed Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
694GG0170C3_STTG_BED_SIDE_END_CDLying to Sitting at Side of Bed Ability at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
695GG0170D1_STTG_STNDG_STRT_CDGG0170D1 Mobility: Sitting to Standing Ability at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
696GG0170D2_STTG_STNDG_GOAL_CDGG0170D2 Mobility: Sitting to Standing Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
697GG0170D3_STTG_STNDG_END_CDGG0170D3 Mobility: Sitting to Standing Ability at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
698GG0170E1_TRNSFR_STRT_CDChair/Bed to Chair Transfer Ability at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
699GG0170E2_TRNSFR_GOAL_BY_END_CDChair/Bed to Chair Transfer Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
700GG0170E3_TRNSFR_END_CDChair/Bed to Chair Transfer Ability at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
701GG0170F1_TOILT_TRNSFR_STRT_CDGG0170F1 Mobility: Toilet Transfer at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
702GG0170F2_TOILT_TRNSFR_GOAL_CDGG0170F2 Mobility: Toilet Transfer Goal by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
628GG0170H1_RSDNT_WLK_STRT_CDGG0170H1 Mobility: Does Resident Walk at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
703GG0170F3_TOILT_TRNSFR_END_CDGG0170F3 Mobility: Toilet Transfer at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
704GG0170H3_RSDNT_WLK_END_CDGG0170H3 Mobility: Does Resident Walk at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
705GG0170J1_WLK_50_2_TURN_STRT_CDMobility: Ability to Walk 50 Feet With Two Turns at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
706GG0170J2_WLK_50_2_TURN_GOAL_CDMobility: Goal to Walk 50 Feet With Two Turns by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
707GG0170J3_WLK_50_2_TURN_END_CDMobility: Ability to Walk 50 Feet With Two Turns at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
708GG0170K1_WLK_150_STRT_CDGG0170K1 Mobility: Ability to Walk 150 Feet at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
709GG0170K2_WLK_150_BYGOAL_CDGG0170K2 Mobility: Goal to Walk 150 Feet by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
710GG0170K3_WLK_150_END_CDGG0170K3 Mobility: Ability to Walk 150 Feet at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
711GG0170Q1_USE_WLCHR_STRT_CDGG0170Q1 Mobility: Uses Wheelchair/Scooter at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
712GG0170Q3_USE_WLCHR_END_CDGG0170Q3 Mobility: Uses Wheelchair/Scooter at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
713GG0170R1_WHEEL_50_2_TURN_STRTAbility to Wheel 50 Feet With Two Turns at Start of SNF PPS Part A Stay
714GG0170R2_WHEEL_50_2_TURN_GOALMobility: Goal to Wheel 50 Feet With Two Turns by End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
715GG0170R3_WHEEL_50_2_TURN_END_CMobility: Ability to Wheel 50 Feet With Two Turns at End of SNF PPS Part A Stay
716GG0170RR1_TYPE_OF_WLCHR_STRT_CGG0170RR1 Type of Wheelchair Used to Propel 50 Feet at SNF PPS Part A Admission